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sasurai gekko
Yo, account moved :D

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sasurai gekko
February 10th, 2008
KYYAAAHHH~! :D Seriously shrieked when I saw this at the top of my favorites list XD OMG, Hooray Yassa-cchi!
p-pants size??? 0.o *cough*
waah, pretty XD *hearts*
<3 Spiffy :D +fav
Haha, I read his review XD

You may thank him for my +fav :3
Heey, Im really interested in this story, but why are all these pages out of order?? I have to keep jumping around to get the story in the right order 0.o
I can only imagine his deep shmexy voice going *Psyyyyduck* 0.o
Yay! XD Looks funny... Cant wait for more! X3

I will never look at my browser the same way again... *twitch*
the eggs have a face!!! XD
le gasp! he speaks! 0.o *the abc song worked! XD*

omg, i love you yassa! this comic is amazing!
OMG Ash!!! What are you watching?!?!?!! >XD

lolz Pikas face is amazing XD
ahhh... ^o^ i totally downloaded this pic~ XD