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Wow, it's nice to see everyone again!
It's great to know you're feeling better! ^^
I'm so so sorry, I haven't visited this site in a while and I'm just now hearing this! This comic is still one of my favs and I hope you get better soon. Your wrist will be fine, you'll do great(Unless you already had it, ehehe, I feel really bad for not commenting sooner...)!
@Schizo-and-Phrenic: I have to wait another week before winter break... WHY?!
Yes, you're back, I missed you! *Hug* And great page as well!
@*milk+assassin*: Thanks, I am too! Yeah, mixed reactions from everyone are in order every time I did move. Rumors, vile things are they not? Quicker then the speed of light. Anyways, good page, Can't wait until he tells her that his eyes are in fact natural. I will laugh very hard.
Why? WHY?
Thank you. THANK YOU FOR DESTROYING WHAT WAS LEFT OF MY CHILDHOOD! *Takes a deep breath before sighing heavily* I had hoped it would never come to this... *Takes out ten bottles of bleach* Time to scrub my brain...
Long comments...
Muhahaha, I'd rule with an iron fist, and strike all who dare tread in my path! Nah, I'm a sweetie, or so I make myself seem. Shhh, don't tell them!
Nonono! Don't change it, it's fine! I was just laughing at how they'd react to me transferring to that school. Though I'm wondering how they knew a new student was coming and how many schools he went to before.
Yes it would be suspicious, I myself have lived in small towns, but I get sad faces most of the time, sometimes though I do get scared faces. They always look weirded out by my cheerfulness about moving so many times (I don't anymore, thank god I moved in with my dad).
Wow, way to make an impression, Herz, really have that happy go lucky feel to you. Wow, long comment is long, sorry about that...
Aaaaaand, RUN!
Wait! Changing school, or moving, four times makes you seem suspicious? I wonder what would happen if I transferred there. Just so you know, I've changed school over eleven times so far. I'd probably terrify everyone with a glance. *Holds up wimpy arms and tries to look intimidating, failing horribly*
Great page so far!
I wish you luck! See you in a few years!
Oh, how you gonna cover this one, Clarence? Yeah, he's screwed isn't he...?
*Appears from shadows* Is it weird that I love his arms? *Crawls back*
WAIT?! Phantom?! As in Danny Phantom!? AND slash pairing hints? You see, THIS is why you're my favorite comic along with one other.
@SaviourInDistress: I wouldn't wish that upon anyone! Not even the vilest of creatures deserve such a fate. *Shudder* Clefairys...
Clarence and Clara's expressions say 'I can't remember him ever talking this much, it's weird.'.
Dave's makes him look so proud of himself.
And Max looks like he's about to kill Murphy(You know? Murphy's law?). All in all, they're having an off day, aren't they?
Oh, I've seen this dog before! It was on your Deviantart account.
Phht, I love this.
No... Nononono! I can't handle this, no!
@Schizo-and-Phrenic: Oh sorry for double comment... Don't be nervous at all, I for one love your work and it is very easy to understand what you're trying to tell us. There's a reason you and one other comic share my favorite comic place. (Did that sound confusing?)