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Finnish graphic artisan who likes video games, sushi and sleeping.

(Icon by kuroyoBEAST @ deviantArt)
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    Andrei H.
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Here's simple sheets for the characters.

I haven't draw comics that much and the characters always end up looking different in the next page, or even in next panel.

Because I draw the pages so rarely these days (compared to the intro which I updated daily), my style changes, even within same chapter, which is a bad thing. Reason why I should try to have a marathon when sketching the chapters.
This chapter got a bit too long BUT HEY, at least it's done now!

I need to work on the rhythm of narration if I want the next chapter include some dynamic action. I'm done drawing static pictures and poses for while.
I dislike the layout of this page and I've re-drawn it couple of times, but as you might have notice the super low pace of updates I decided I better stick with it for now if I want something to get done :'--D

I try to concentrate to the dialogue more in future. I wish I was better in English......... I would love to write the speeches in colorful and rich way, but the language barrier and the lack of synonyms in the English language sure makes it difficult. For me, at least.
February 21st, 2015
@Flora Wolf: WE'LL SEE, WE'LL SEE.
@Guest: Yuppp, took only three months, haha. I sketched few of the upcoming pages a long time ago, but just recently dig them up and decided to give a try with finishing them.
February 21st, 2015
Just few steps more and you're at the door, Marcel-boy.
October 4th, 2014
I don't even remember the last time I've used caption box. Originally I was planning to do a more smooth transition to Marcel's perspective, but this was more clear, short and simple way to do it. I liked the original idea better, tho.
Well, maybe someday I'll redo this.

Also the most non-dynamic movements I've ever drawn, haha, oh gosh
September 28th, 2014
@BowBowBit: I was ready to give up many times, it kind of made me surprised and happy that you pointed them out, haha :'-)
September 8th, 2014
UUu! Just kun aattelin, että oispa kiva, jos päivittäisit!

Hyvin jännittävä sivu tämä, toi vika ruutu kyllä kaappaa hyvin fiiliksen, niin intensiivinen..! Jos näin seesteinen jäbä silmin nähden kauhistuu niin on kyllä jotain hurjaa tiedossa.
August 23rd, 2014
I always feel like I let myself off too easy when I draw simple/surreal backgrounds, even thought it sometimes necessary to keep things clear and easy to view. Backgrounds are still new concept to me.
Art is so hard, argh.

P.S.: Thank you all for your comments, you guys are so sweet for having time to write me..!
City of undercuts
ja extreme paidankaulukset
Ei mut toivoin tässä just kun kirjauduin sisään, että oisitpa päivittänyt sarjakuvaas ja tättärää, here it is!
@FrogPrince: Oih, innokkuutesi oikein motivoi minua..! Yritän olla ahkerampi jatkossa jotta saisi pidettyä tuntuman hommassa :'--)
@Helix_luco: Ah, I had no clue they had such a big difference (English is not my native language. I studied it in grammar school at grades 4-9 and I don't have much knowledge about the grammary, dialects and such).

I'm interested to hear the difference between these two words and how/when I should use them in the future to avoid doing the same mistake.

And thank you! :--D The cinematic effects are my weakness; The perspectives, dramatic croppings... I love to draw wide panels, but I've been trying to control that urge by giving some variety to the page layouts.

@Realisticz: Thank you so much for dropping a comment and reading the thing..!

@Dane: Thank you, I'll try to update more than once in a month for now on, haha. :'--) I appreciate you for spending time to read the comic and writing me this comment!
@super_chi: Thank you for reading and dropping a comment! I like your comics too; I still remember when I stumbled on your dA gallery when you were working on the Worme, I loved it :)
Hopefully I can shape up a bit with this whole comic and make it even more surreal and creepy..!

@Nakashi: Thank you! I use Photoshop CS5.
OH poop how did I NOT notice the similarities between this page and previous one's layouts?? I'm so dumb. Also walls of texts are back 'eyyyy
April 13th, 2014
Tää on tosi mukaansa tempaava ja musta tuntuu, että oli oikea ratkaisu tehdä tämä värillisenä: värimaailma on nasta ja missään vaiheessa ei ole vielä tullut sellasta sivua vastaan, jossa ois ollut mitään kritisoitavaa sen osalta. Seuraaminen on helppoa selkeän kerronnan ja tahdituksen ansiosta ja oi että olen kateellinen englanninkielen taidoistas?! Kuulostaa tosi luontevalta toi hahmojen puhe.
PS.: Ei ollut sarkasmia tämä kommentti.
Proud of you, son.
PPSS.: respectii taustoista ja päivitystahdista..!
Haluun mustan T-paidan, jossa ois printti tosta silmästä turkoosine ripsineen ja galaktisine iiriksineen??! Nyt hei kimppatilaus spreadshirt:iin..!
Ja niin katosivat komeat kulmakarvat. ... Ja ehkä vähän muutakin.
@spitfire-productions: Thank you for reading and having time to write this lovely feedback!
Yeah, I've been told so and I've re-drawn all the layouts complitely for the upcoming pages to make it easier to view. The resolution I draw is really low, so it would be a good solution to have less stuff on pages..!

But yeah, thank you again, I was really happy to get some comment! :--)
Aida sure gets sharp-tongued when she is scared.
I re-drew and typed that speechbubble's content few times but couldn't come up with anything satisfying, so I'll keep it like that for now...

On the third panel I thought I would get away easily from drawing all that trash if I used bigger brush. How wrong I was, it made it look clumsy and crappy. So I changed to smaller size to draw the rest of the pile and it looks much better. For me at least, heh :'--D