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November 18th, 2014
Oh c'mon Sai! Aren't you just a little jealous?
It aggravates how right Shuuhei and Aki are about the situation. I'm all for Ryuuta kicking ass and taking names in Aki's defense. But it would damage his reputation and endanger his family's company. Rather than rush into battle, Ryuuta needs to calm down and think of a proper way to handle the situation. Honestly, I'm hoping he'll just buy the daycare and clean house aka "fire the homophobic asshole."
@Azure Shade: Now that is something I can agree to! Ryuuta should totally buy the daycare and fire the director! And while he's at it, tell off those homophobic moms too! Screw 'em!

I just hope those moms and the director don't spread any awful rumors about Aki and ruin his chances for a another job.
Awwwe he is so cute! Looks like he's having a nice dream. :)
Good luck!
I'll be waiting patiently for the next update!
I have a very strong feeling that the next few pages will piss me off. What Aki does outside of work, unless it's illegal, should not have an effect on his job! Stuff like this reminds of the time some idiotic parent got a teacher fired from her job just because they found a picture of that teacher holding beer online. It's ridiculous!
Noooo don't gooo!
*starts ugly crying*
Woah. Both father and son are looking pretty hot on this page.
Papa Kaidou speaks the truth! Aki is such a cute wife. Don't deny it Kaidou! Just be happy that he isn't expecting Aki to go mpreg and pop out some grandbabies.
That is so cute! I'd love to read it.
Thank gooodness. I'm so happy that she finally left that douche.

But now I have a feeling that he'll come after Aki. After all, it was what he did to Aki that made Naomi see the light.
I just love the top page. Watching Aki and Kaidou be so lovey dovey brings a smile to my face.
Also it makes me crave strawberries. xD

Ugh oh look more Naomi drama. Let me guess, her boyfriend either doesn't like her working or he's not taking her job seriously.
Can't she just break up with him already?
Oh Aki! So sweet and understanding.
Yay! More bonding time between Aki and Hisawa. Hope they trade back stories. I wanna know Hisawa's!

But it better not turn into a love confession or something.Hisawa may be a total cutie but if he shows any amount of attraction to Aki, I'll sick Kaidou on him.

Besides, I was kinda hoping that Hisawa would have a romantic encounter at the festival with the sassy uke of dreams.
Hisawa looks like he has a fear of dopplegangers. xD He's so shocked by the cloned cuties that he has forgotten all about Aki's scar.
Yeees! Hisawa is back. I missed him! Wait? Why is he reacting that way to Aki's scar? Wasn't he the one that told Aki to hide it in the first place?
Haru and Ryuuta look so adorable together like that with their masks on. I just wanna hug them till they pop!
What a beautiful memory for Aki. <3
Ha! I knew that was gonna happen.
I love Haru. He always knows what to do to make Ryuuta happy.