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I literally got a Smack Jeeves account just so I could comment. ._.
Anyway, I wanted to say that I've read this from the start. By that I mean, I found it two weeks ago and read it all in two days. That doesn't mean I'm not highly impressed. You've improved so highly on this webcomic. It's amazing to look at the beginning and the latest page. I'm surprised you managed to keep with it all this time without quitting, and that shows character. Not to mention this comic manages to make me smile and feel a little better. The plot is unique, the characters are interesting and new, and the amount of growth you've gone through while making it really, REALLY shows. (also i love yuri and lesbians and everything as a genderqueer vagina-seeker myself (physically female, mentally a mix of male and female but looks like like the seme (albeit a short and baby faced seme) in a yaoi manga. (which i'm not a huge fan of for lack of pussy) Anyway, enough rambling, I just fucking love this and I applaud you good miss.