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Just here to read some amazing comics! HUGE BL fan, sucker for cute romance and angst.
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January 29th, 2017
@RenRou: Woo!! I'm all in for that!
January 28th, 2017
I can't believe we didn't get to enjoy their first time together with them! As much as I love the other two, these two are what I'm here for. Oh Kris though, you just don't get it. Haha.
MARC, poor baby please just let me cuddle you though this pain.

I'm so excited for his story, you just don't understand! I'm so happy for this to start and even happier to know you're healthy!!
Squeeeeeee!!! This is really cute. It's just a sweet little peck, hopefully not too much that scares Mars but enough to let him know that Hayden is interested. Gosh! I was scared this would never happen. But it is and I'm a mess of happiness!
C'mon Mars you know you at least want to try it out. Just to see if there's a spark. You know you do! Please kiss him!
@Auldr: I don't think Hayden uses her. She knows what it is between her and Hayden and that's not a full-fledged relationship. And if Nate wanted to spend more time with Mars he'd make time. I have no love for Nate at the moment when it comes to Nate and his actions towards Mars.
October 31st, 2016
I do love your comic but I would like to point out that a baby's head is the largest part of them. Once the head is fully out the rest of the body usually follows on the same push. As long as the mother isn't too exhausted but even then unless the shoulders are stuck the delivering doctor can give the baby a gentle tug to help pull them through the birth canal. I just wanted to add that little bit of realism if you wanted to use it. Since this is fantasy you can completely disregard all that if you want. =] also Ron looks a bit squeamish. Haha
@Malla: I'm right there with you love. My heart hurts for him... I'm just happy Adam is and always has been 100% honest with him.
Marc... My heart hurts for you. Lemme just snuggle you a bit.
That kind of sickness is the Worst!! Drink plenty of fluids and rest up!! And really thank you do all these pages lately it's like Christmas came early!!
Oh Adam, I love you. You're simply the cutest! I actually really like this direction. In practically every story when we get to this point the two main characters are too swept away in each other to really think about anyone else. I like this but of realism where Adam is still cpncious that he's dating Marc and he doesn't deserve to get hurt like that. Super kudos!
October 11th, 2016
Oh Micah so sweet and innocent...
I'm not okay. I kept telling myself not to ship this because I want Logan and Brian to be together but DAMMIT CARTER IS SO GOOD!! Stop creeping into my ship Carter! I can't handle it!
I'm sure Julian is thinking "TALK? I FINALLY got you and I'm ready to take this leap and you wanna TALK? I'm at the good part... ok fine... we'll talk..."

Really though, take care of yourself first love! We're always gonna be here ready for ya!
@Stances: I really think that Owen is so trashed because of what Richie said about Owen raping Avery and that Av would've never agreed if he was sober. Why else would he avoid Avery like that? And the fact that now Callum knows doesn't make it any better.

Also, I've been wondering, why does Callum have no problem with Avery seeing anyone else as long as it isn't Owen? I've been meaning to ask since Avery confessed that he'd been fooling around with Hayden and just haven't done it.
October 3rd, 2016
Poor Rupy! I'm really bad about commenting on every page, but let me say this is one of my favorite comics. And I just want Max and Rupert to be together and happy and loving but I LIVE for angst and drama. Ugh my poor feels are all over the place right now. I'm so excited for the next chapter though!
September 30th, 2016
I love that Kylee is finally opening up and making friends with the guys around there. He's even joking around.

I also get the feeling that Kim is trying really hard to keep Kylee at a good distance. Because even though he's there and they've had a couple of bonding moments, that he's got this fear that all the people he cares about are going to be ripped away from him like his parents and sister. But that's just my thoughts on why Kim is the way he is.
September 27th, 2016
@yasha.queen: I'm going to assume that he's passed away, probably due to the arrhythmia, just because she's still using past tense. Such as they DIDN'T have any children and they WERE happy. He HAD the irregular heartbeat. But ya know, it would be a huge plot twist if he was still alive but just bedridden or not with her.

I'm also wondering how this is gonna play out with him living in town with her before the war. Like I'm just imagining this terrible thing that was done to him just because of his descent.

Gosh this comic has me all over the place. I just wanna enjoy their sweet story and see Gawain and Micah be happy but I also wanna see all the drama and angst that I know is going to come from this.
September 21st, 2016
Oh Carter, such a snuggle bug!!
September 18th, 2016
Poor Max. He's trying really hard here! These two give me heart palpitations! Gah!