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Hi there! *waves*

Looks like you stumbled upon my page. Not much here, nor will there ever be. I'm not an artist. I'm a writer, one that often has writers block.

Yes, most of the webcomics I read are BL. Don't like that? Deal with it.

I'm super friendly and nice, but I have a mean streak at times due to being bullied in school when I was little. So if I say something that is mean and hurtful, I'm sorry in advance.

I don't sugarcoat the truth and I am blunt at times. I am a huge procrastinator and tend to be lazy.

Want to know more about me? Just send me a PM.
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How bloody hard is it to say tackle you idiot? -_-
No not Bulbasaur! He is the best starter!!!
No not the wall master!!! I swear those things sneak up on you like a ninja.
Noooooooo! Not the killer chicken!!!
Glad to see a new update. :)
Sorry but I don't do yuri.
Well of course she has eyes. Lol
Well yes she is different from the other babies. All babies are different itzak.
Gotta love the squisk squisk in the first panel.
Poor cat.... he looks so worried.
Haha.... never tell a pregnant woman that she is fat Izark.
She peed herself and we are not keeping it... those lines. Lol.
Well who would have thunk it. Lol. The first 3 panels.... looooove.
Yeah getting punched or slapped in the boob is not fun.
*jaw drop* what the....... o.O
Oh.... those bewbs look ready to pop on out.
.....Bikini war? Why aren't they wearing bikinis?
Hahaha! This last page was great!
Omg! It's Circe! It was her all along! :O