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If you have already heard of it, it's already too mainstream for me.

Nah but really.

I'm Orange, a spriter, I do stuff.
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I might replace him with another character. My main problem is lack of sprites.
I'm sorry. I just really don't know what too do.
If you want to talk to me, you can do so here!
@Legoalex-625: Okay.

He's not really crazy, he's just Troll-ish.

Not much, though.
I saw him on your showcase,

He's one of the "Echidna Bros".
Yeah, these are Orange's sprites. Also I have the most original name for a orange-furred fox, don't I? eue

They also are a WIP. So they are't done yet, obviously.
These faces.

They are scary.
Oh no it is a zombie.

What do I do- KICK HER FAAACE!