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Oak has his hand around Red's shoulder in both panels, and between this and the latter's face in the first panel, I have the feeling this basically means he's been [s]abducted[/s] adopted by Oak and we should call Officer Jenny posthaste.

Regardless, it was awesome to go through this and I look forward to the next volume!
Yes, Oak should totally pop out of the floor/a cake in the games rather than just walking in from below.

It also made me wonder how he GOT there to begin with--if he only has (in this case) Charmander left, especially, though apparently in the original games he was dummied out with a pretty good team.

(then again, Oak does have a way of getting around, I wouldn't be surprised if he can hop out of your head using the mind link that lets him stop you from using your bike indoors)
Suddenly I'm thinking the effects of Repel are hereditary and I feel really bad for rival. <_<
Well, after you beat him (nearly-two-decade-old-spoiler-alert incoming), one of the first things (the non-insane version of) Oak says is that by the time he heard that your rival was Champion and managed to get up there, he'd already lost. Also keep in mind that you battled your rival again just before Victory Road. So, he probably won very shortly before you arrived, but wanted to wait, knowing you were coming.

It's a bit of a plot hole as to how your rival is still Champion again every time you go back up there; in newer generations, the anime (4th gen mostly, I think) makes brief reference to some sort of Champions' Tournament which probably would have something to do with that.

Or maybe it's just assumed the player character joins the Hall of Fame but declines the position of Champion every time (perhaps another reason Red is spotted on Mt. Silver in Gen 2).
@XlvMckaydvlX: I seem to recall some Greek or Roman myth about some guy who was punished for something and so had to roll a boulder up a mountain for the rest of his life, only for it to roll back down each time.

It probably wasn't an intentional reference, but it's amusing all the same.
Ugh, Kanto Victory Road is probably the least fun out of all of them, just because of all those boulders.

Spray some Repel, cart one across the whole room, leave and reset because you accidentally put it in a corner at the very end >_<
Didn't you hear? Dugtrio's getting a new Mega evolution so the heads work like a helicopter! and strangely the churned-earth is still there, so.

( all seriousness, though, it wouldn't be THAT much weirder than Mega Slowbro.)

Surprised this topic didn't come up earlier with all the Psychic-types in Koga's gym, even the Sandshrew in the Rock gym.
And how's he recording his observations? 8-track or Betamax?
This could not have had better timing with the announcement of Japan's soccer mascot. >_>
@Surfersquid: On top of that, apparently Ghost was glitched in Gen I to not affect Psychic-types at all.

Physical attacks generally worked well, from my experience, since pure Psychic-types (Mr. Mime and Alakazam more than Hypno and Mewtwo) also tended to be pretty frail.

also Twinneedle, another Bug-type move that's Beedrill-and-Metronome only.
I'm guessing he either had to raid the Silph Co. lunch room fridge for something toxic, irradiated, and possibly edible, or took another page from Gramps and there *used* to be a whole Lapras colony kept in the penultimate room.

Now there's only one left. >_> (at least in that particular colony)
@Kuribo: Incorrect. It deserves more than 200 fans.

I don't know why I hadn't signed up yet, but that makes 201 now. >_>
@MecanicalCH: Wash Rotom is very popular at the moment and is a washing machine, which I say is close enough. >_>
Now you make me want to name a Rotom "kitchen sink"...

Also, huzzah on repairing a Silver cartridge and on continuation and suchwhats.
I suppose it might be like those newfangled gadgets at checkouts that let you tap your card against the screen in order to pay. Once again, fiction predates reality by several decades.
At least you don't have to rub her back to make her feel better. that sketchy captain
Strange use of the blue there. >_> Red with anger normally, or just zombified?

...also are those motion blur lines or did she just pop up out of tall grass
At first I thought she was just sad because Koffing was her only friend because nobody else likes Koffing...
...and then fridge logic kicked in...
...and that's totally morbid, AUGH
Keep Calm

and steal his Eevee.
It seems like that would work so much better than cheese.

We should be rolling bikes down hills instead of cheese wheels.