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that is all.

OMG she's epic!
W00T! new page! love it! I can't wait to see more! X3
Yay!!! pages!! I love it I love it all. OuO can't wait for more.
here we go!
I absolutely love, love, love your art! its incredible I can't wait for more!!!! <3
I'll upload a newer pic this weekend if you guys want. :p
patient Nero
I'm Normal...Right
Name: Nero
Age: 17
Gender: male
Personality: Nero is quiet and reserved but he opens up if he finds someone he likes of is like him. other then that Nero's other personality is called Kira not a lot is know about him other that he's a psychopath.
Sexual Orientation: bisexual more into boys
Why He/She is Here: to many visits to the hospital got him there.
Likes: blood , butterflies and, bondage clothing. (lol)
Dislikes: kira, the darkness, getting runned after and, his hallusinations/voices.
Problems: MPD/DID (multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder), schizophrinia (voices and hallusinations), insane.

Other: Nero is a patient. Nero has a habit seeking sharp objects so he will always have one at hand. He Doesn't like being hurt by others and has a problem of constant self-mutilation (cutting). Nero is in search for the only friends he may ever have. Nero also calls himself "loveless" and claims to be number FouR.

I hope this is okay for profile and art wise so here I go. ^^ Tell me if there is something wrong.
I just read the whole comic up to know in less then 20 minutes lol and i have to say I'm extreamly impressed, the artwork is absolutly wonderful i love every bit of this comic i can't wait for more!!!! ^^
I really love you comic, the art and every thing is so, perfect!!! continue the awesome work! ^^
June 28th, 2009
excited to see how the story is, very beautiful art by the way. ^^
love all your work lol its so cute and funny keep it up! ^^
The scanner: Destroyed, terminated, murdered my colouring job *sobs* so now its even crappier! well here is my short first page! ^^
I conclude that we are all talented artists! ^^ So how are we gonna start this thing?
Eevee Quinn
Name: Quinn

Age: 19

Likes: Bells, making friends and, rainbow stones.

Dislikes: being called a boy and the cold.

Personality: Very kind and shy but if you call her a boy she might get angery depending on the person.

Other Info: When Quinn is in her Eevee form she has a tendency of running around in tall grass. And she has a stone she uses for battle called a rainbow stone which is a very rare find, what it does is lets her evolve into any of the seven elements and then go back into her Eevee form. (this stone is re-useable) She is level 18.

Well I hope this is okay, tell me if there is something wrong. Sorry for the crappy art. >o<
Your awsome I'll start drawing now! The pokemon can be from any generation (season)??
Oh cool! I live in foster home and have constant internet acsses and a scanner every second week can i still join?
Gijinka? whats that?
I love this comic so much keep up the good work! :3