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I like to RP and... Read comics! xD
I also like to draw so... yah. xP

If I become a fan of a comic you can expect crap-tastic fan art. xP
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-licks you're face-
You're amazingful. o3o -luffs on the blue- ~<3
That's amazing. -luffs on- o3o
November 18th, 2007
Senaaaa~y-AH! ^O^
-noms, chew, nibble, gnaws, luffs-

Hi. I luff you. ~<333333333
Ah! Don't forget me!
Senay I love you! ^///o///^

You're one of meh favorite artists on this earth and you make good stories too. -cries at chu' cause she's an emotional babeh-
I will sell my Harvest moon Chikins and name em after these three. -nods-
Rooster Info
Roosters have larger head frills and the big poofy tails to attract females. The chickin hens got the head thingy too, but is smaller. yup yup. =3
You've Returned! =D
-tackle hugs- I'm so happy to see that you're back! =DDD

I loves eet. =3
-snuggles Zebra-
He's to cute to be sad! I'll make you happy! -takes him home- ;P HA!
That's awesome. ^___^
Welcome back! Good luck redrawing (I'm sure that'll be fun. Dx)

I'm happy the move went smoothly. ^____^
-throws my luck at you super fast- GOOD LUCK! DX

But seriously? Yah, luck to you! I hope the transition goes smoothly.

J'encourage! DX -tired- Sorry. French is crappy today. DX
I wuvs it. I like this story a lot a lot. Eyes freaking me out in the last panel. Eyes are freaky though...
That's HIGH-larious! You're funny and I love you!

You have mucho talent et your very gut! Three languages in that sentance! -laughs and runs-
Purdy art... -nibbles art-
Loves to your word-ies! YAY! NEW PAGE!

I love your rain. And the mug. -obesseion with mug- What color is it? This page is awesome.

Because it's raining. RAIN! O__O;;;

Yes, I'm crazy. Now shush, I'm starring at rain. xD

I LOVE YOU! <2222
In a creepy, weird way. I love your storylines and art. Your fantastic. -says that most every comment to you-

You've got so much talent. I can't wait to see mangas by you in stores. ^__^

... Unless... you already have some out there?! O_O;; SWEET! If so, I'd like to know the titles and stuff so I can get them!
Alright, enough French for one day! ^o^ NANYWAYS!

I am excited! (That's what I wrote in French *psst!*) So yah. ^__^ I can't wait.

Angst is okay if it's not MY life. xP Because then I can laugh at others misery! ^__^
-ish violently bopped over the head with a rock- X_x
Is that German? Just curious. -waddles away-

...-waddles back- Really awesome art. -nibbles finger- I like the story. It's a bit confusing at times, but then again I'm a bit slow at times. xP
EEE! I LOVE the art! And the consept and... EEE! -screaming fan girl-
This is SO fantastically magical! ^o^
Please continue to make more comics! -bows a few times quickly-
I really like it so far. I find that you jump into the plot quite quickly. And at the beginning I found it weird that her friend just kinda' "Showed up,"
Past that I think this comic is fantabulous and has much potential. -thumbs up-