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Much as the truth can hurt, it really is better than the alternatives.

Hope Angie's parents will understand and accept.
Magnus Archon
February 6th, 2018
@SpecterHSC: One can hope.
Magnus Archon
January 23rd, 2018
@Cave: Next person up on the totem pole gets the region, I'm guessing. Maybe more time with Doug and his angst about what side he should choose.
Magnus Archon
January 21st, 2018
No one does, but he tried really hard for it.
Magnus Archon
January 14th, 2018
Well, sucks to be the bad guy. Who knew?
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: True, but those intent on extracting blood for blood are rarely able to focus on what happens after. Succeed, fail, there's no way to really win.
Magnus Archon
December 30th, 2017
@Butterscotch: Sorry, just feeling that Elijah has overstayed his welcome. I'll wait for the next page like a good boy.
Magnus Archon
December 30th, 2017
@Butterscotch: No, just poor muscle tone.
Magnus Archon
December 28th, 2017
They're basically anihillated?
Magnus Archon
December 2nd, 2017
Hard to move when it hurts to breathe.

Also, it's a bitch getting up when your abs have been zashed open.
Magnus Archon
November 28th, 2017
@Cave: I'm going with "stunned, and running out of power."
Magnus Archon
November 27th, 2017
Looks like his power ran dry.

Now Mr. Lizard, are we gonna need another Timmy?
Magnus Archon
November 20th, 2017
Elijah's about to be hurt worse...
Magnus Archon
November 11th, 2017
The princess has just taken sides...
Magnus Archon
November 5th, 2017
@ffx2player: Good, evil, she gets business out of the whole mess, and most of her customers don't manage to pull anything this stupid and survive.

Besides, it's not as if Lyla can do much more than growl irritably right now. Even her hit-boy's depowered.
Magnus Archon
November 3rd, 2017
Forbidden magic tends to come with consequences you don't want. Pity it doesn't stop some people...
Magnus Archon
October 28th, 2017
@Butterscotch: I'd probably assume she uses construction-grade hairspray to keep them styled like that, and that the end result is stiff and nasty to the touch.

I'm assuming she uses magic to work around that, knowing what I do.
Magnus Archon
October 23rd, 2017
@Butterscotch: She could get some cookies, at the very least.

Also, just noticed that Luke's eye is back!
Magnus Archon
October 17th, 2017
Chips? Pretzels? Where's the candy?
Magnus Archon
September 30th, 2017
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: That second one.