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Doug's got his priorities straight.
My heart weeps. Pass the streamers, would you please?
Last thing I remember is Elijah trying to kill me...
I repeat, explosives.
If you don't get up and walk this off I'm gonna kill you.
Well, got one guaranteed dead... but the jury's still out on Doug.
Think we should start getting a little more assertive on the Retsinis issue? At the rate kids are dropping, humanity's gonna figure out there's worse than bears to blame.
Who to call when Redead have infested your bathroom? I'm a fairly hardy soul, and I'm not going in there... actually, do we have a few tons of explosives?
The red one recovers hearts, the blue one recovers hearts and magic, but what does the yellow one do?
I know I'm still sixteen, but there's some odd time dilation going on.
Wait... isn't "live zombie" something of an oxymoron?
Sounds like fun!
Wrong audience, Lyla.
It's a nice shade of purple.

And don't worry! They're friendly zombies.
Time to grind things down and make some coffee, I guess.
@ffx2player: I don't think we'll see a repeat of The Worst Day for some time to come.
Well, that's one. I get the sense Angie's dad is gonna be a tougher sell, though.
Followed by his worst day ever, when he learned that Da Nook only accepts bells as currency.
I agree with Princess Lyla. This is a VERY interesting situation! Luke, please grab some things for the princess. Just come right in when you're done.