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Magnus Archon
September 18th, 2017
Well with any luck, he'll be joining his brother soon. And going down the same way.
I'll see what I can do next month, but I'm a bit short right now.

Also, I'm hoping Elijah gets an unpleasant surprise with Angela. Ideally the same one his brother got.
Yes, let's get you home Angie. It's not safe outside today.
@Salimus: Pathos. We get to know her so it really hurts when she dies. Makes the bad guys that much more reprehensible.
Rest well, Phoebe.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: Wish I could re-assure, but there's far too much blood on the pavement for me to be optimistic on the prognosis.
Another victim of the recent bear attacks. I warned her to stay at home today...
I saw this coming as soon as Phoebe's birthday was mentioned. I saw it coming, and it doesn't hurt any less for that.

Why can't we just hurry up and kill Elijah in a cloud of pink sparkles?
Please no. It's her birthday!
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: It's just a stupid grudge. The Reborn are Naidraug AND human, and thus doubly offensive to the Retsinis.

This was explained back in the first few chapters by Adrian.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: Alright, you win that round.
You're in grave danger. Come with me if you want to live.
Hope it was worth the wait. At least the execution's pretty clean.
A bit grumpier-looking than Adrian, but I guess we'll see how good he is in a fight soon.
Challenges like that come back to bite their issuers. I have no problem with this.
Magnus Archon
January 24th, 2017

Now to hope that the birthday girl doesn't run into a Retsinis...
Magnus Archon
January 17th, 2017
No, don't leave the house on your birthday!
@Koal: Well, the games have been pretty strictly formula for twenty years now anyway. If you're getting tired of the cliches, it may be time to find a new hobby.
@Koal: Well, it's hard to top disasters that could end the universe or intrinsically change the whole basis of the game's world. And honestly, this is a lot closer to how gangsters really are in this country than something malevolent and organized would be.

For my own remark, I do worry that they're forgetting that it's raining. Water and electrical appliances don't mix. Take the poor bird inside, kids.