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Magnus Archon
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    Daniel S. Mountain
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"Let's dig in this cracked spot, it'll be easier!"

Then the mayor wakes up just after they find a gyroid.
All the d'aww, right here.
Teenagers can teleport their cellphones to their hands. It's one of those annoying and useless superpowers.
@RoninHunt0987 No, those are bigger.
And not too long after that, he'll be learning why you don't contact people at night or during school hours.

But the squirrel pics will be cute, I'm sure.
I'm betting he gets it confiscated inside two weeks for trying to text at inappropriate times.
I didn't just vote, but gave a solid argument for my choice.
Do you want an Android, Google Phone, or iPhone? What kind of plan are you looking at? Will you be using the in-house provider or looking for service on your own?
Someone mention destruction in human form?
Only so much you can do with fire hair, sadly...
Technically, it's a name. Feminized form of Janus, the two-faced Roman god of time.
Wild guess... it'd be whoever would make the highest level of dramatic impact!
@RazorD9: Luke refuses to wear the dress again.
If you're not wearing a rubber suit by this point, you didn't explore enough.
Pft. Like a demon princess would behave...
Does my rotary-dial phone work with these fancy new things? I never got around to getting one of those fancy touch-tone things...
Girl should've turned her ringer off.
If you'd acted sooner, Elijah would still be a monster, and either he or Angela would still be dead. You should probably look at the bigger picture, Doug. Prioritize which part of your heritage is really more important.
That which does not kill a Naidraug only pisses it off. He'll be fine.
Nor a fan of wild boar roast? Pity.