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The red one recovers hearts, the blue one recovers hearts and magic, but what does the yellow one do?
I know I'm still sixteen, but there's some odd time dilation going on.
Wait... isn't "live zombie" something of an oxymoron?
Sounds like fun!
Wrong audience, Lyla.
It's a nice shade of purple.

And don't worry! They're friendly zombies.
Time to grind things down and make some coffee, I guess.
@ffx2player: I don't think we'll see a repeat of The Worst Day for some time to come.
Well, that's one. I get the sense Angie's dad is gonna be a tougher sell, though.
Followed by his worst day ever, when he learned that Da Nook only accepts bells as currency.
I agree with Princess Lyla. This is a VERY interesting situation! Luke, please grab some things for the princess. Just come right in when you're done.
Might have to give Angela a quick crash course in healing magic and hope it sticks.

Or teach her necromancy and how NOT to be a jerk in using it!
Been playing The Sims 4. Right now I'm playing a nice suburban vampire who works long hours to support her little girl and complains that the neighborhood food thinks it's people.
Aww, the princess looks so thrilled to find a silver lining in this situation!
Who wouldn't let such an adorable little girl in? Especially because she asked so nicely and waited at the door! What manners!
Magnus Archon
February 22nd, 2018
Let's get him some first aid, THEN we can have story time...
Magnus Archon
February 16th, 2018
It's a lot to take in faith. Adding a simple "he's not quite human" would help...
Magnus Archon
February 12th, 2018
One should not grow accustomed to dealing with blood on a regular basis... but it's nice to have people who don't panic when the situation arises.
Magnus Archon
February 8th, 2018
Teens are being attacked and killed left and right is what's wrong. Including one that was just late to her own birthday party.
Much as the truth can hurt, it really is better than the alternatives.

Hope Angie's parents will understand and accept.