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Y did you reply to me?
Ahhhhhh I finally was able to read this comic, life has been hectic and this story is just so heart wrenchingly amazing I love the character development and the amazing jests that has happened as of late. I wish the aritsts is well and what not.
Ahhh so cute love the new comic pages and I wish you lots of luck xp
I think Milo is either getting sick or is very exhausted and hungry px and we shall see in the next few pages I hope.
@EeveeEon: this is an adorable concept and please don't rush take your time and enjoy posting px
Nice ending of the chapter XD you made the eevee look cute as heck
Love the new comic pages and love the comic as far as it's gone.
Love the luxrays attitude towards the situation and love the recent two pages.
I've finally been able to log in and see the comics I've missed, I must say it's been hellish for me and this comic just warms me just by reading through it. Although it's sad to catch up it definitely helps that I've built up some good anxiety towards the next page being out whenever. Thanks again for posting this wonderful comic and I love the style change.
Cute but sad.
@AgentNein: not to mention eevees evolve into nearly all types of the main but I don't think the torchic might know it at all.
@troblsomtwins829: lol so halarious that vegan move you pulled lol
No worries
@troblsomtwins829: no worries take your time and enjoy your upcoming Christmas's and new years.
No worries
Don't worry work practically kills me I can only imagine what it does to an artist such as you.
@troblsomtwins829: I feel as if that one word underlined is spelled wrong but I'm not gonna be a grammar nazi
Love the way the page looks though hope more comes soon and hope your doing well.
Shipping the two is so adorable.
@SkyHooves: (( that's a great idea for itens response ))