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Ryan Prower
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@Ryan Prower: Alright can't wait to either hear or see what you choose to do XP
XD Nice comic so far XP makes me curious what your putting the vee through XP
@Uluri: XD I know it's already only two pages but the cuteness factor is already off the charts
@Snapinator: awesome comic so far i can't wait to see what the semi reckless vulpix will get the human riolu into next
XD love this comic so far i can't wait until we hit the juicy parts of the story. Also take it slow man if your really getting tired it isn't worth your mental (Or physical) exhaustion if getting these pages does that for you.
Ohh this comic's being redone XD i can't wait to see where this one leads XP
This is a great comic Zenmigawa XP it took me from 1am to 3pm to read this through XD i can't wait to read what is to come.
So they both have the sense but don't have the means to realize that they both have it PX
I can't believe how confused i am at this point and time .... and how heart wrenchingly bad i feel this will turn out PX
This comic is so amazing i was worried it would feel boring reading it (Hard to find decent comics) But i must say i was shocked to finally catch up an i can't wait to see whats to come XP it's also sad to see that i've caught up XP
I'm confused PX when did they become blind?
@AgentNein: This is adorable XD The meowth is so full of energy and happiness and you make the movement between each panel so fluid like (while not animation obviously) i mean it like we can actually visualize how their previous panel position lead to the next PX
I donno if i feel bad for the blue bre or the regular yellow one XD honestly their both in a sad state as things stand
XD i love this comic, for a bit it did get confusing but tis cleared now PX Can't wait to see whats next
This is a curious yet cutely comical comic, i can't wait to see what is next XD
Awesome Comic
ahh i love this comic so far i can't wait to see much more of it when it comes available.
Awesome comic I hope to see more soon and hope life's not been to crazy for you.
I love the realism behind this situation after it developed especially since it's Pokemon. And I can't wait for the plot to thicken
Love the updates, I wish you well as this year continues XP I just hope my graduation goes without a problem