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Cute but sad.
@AgentNein: not to mention eevees evolve into nearly all types of the main but I don't think the torchic might know it at all.
@troblsomtwins829: lol so halarious that vegan move you pulled lol
No worries
@troblsomtwins829: no worries take your time and enjoy your upcoming Christmas's and new years.
No worries
Don't worry work practically kills me I can only imagine what it does to an artist such as you.
@troblsomtwins829: I feel as if that one word underlined is spelled wrong but I'm not gonna be a grammar nazi
Love the way the page looks though hope more comes soon and hope your doing well.
Shipping the two is so adorable.
@SkyHooves: (( that's a great idea for itens response ))
@troblsomtwins829: or does she? ~dun dun dunnnnn!!~

Bokyurah: *finds out the eevee has amnesia* oh.... *questions the eevee more*
@EeveeEon: I'm confuzled does this mean my shinxy can't be used or can?
Happy birthday ^~^ and be safe.
Lol that was so adorable nice new comic page.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
The cover looks nice and fitting with the way you titled the chapter
Concerned watcher
@EeveeEon: look. Please try to ignore those whom do stuff like that and if it gets bad enough report the comments if possible or even the profile and explain that their comments are disturbing you someone from the website will review all their comments and see if that said person needs a break from the website. I can't guaranty that the strange talk will stop by doing this and it may even get that person mad but it's than dealing with what your feeling right now.
Shinx =3
Shinx for days.
@rym218: still partially confused about everything pX