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I like to write,doodle,and drink coffee C;
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@angelperez: I get the weird feeling that Kaito would love the Movie mean girls.
Julian pants are a national treasure.
I cant get over those juicy bottoms, I cant stop laughing CX
@nancchan: The pose they're in is driving me insane too...but maybe not in the same way *u*
Jude sweetheart, being so defensive is just making it harder for you to bed Colt. (don't deny the feels Cx)
If I didn't know better, I'd swear these two were an old married couple Cx
Am I the only one that's lovin' that cuties hair cause that's some niiice hair CX
O//u//O Sooo cute!
You can tell colt is very passionate (now lets see him re-direct that passion C;) about his job almost to the point of breaking, so it's just so nice to see Jude cares about him and worry's about his well-being so much. He just wants him to stop working so hard and just relax...this pairing will be the death of me.
I can't even comprehend life right now I just keep repeating "DAYUUUUUUUM" over and over again cause DAYYYYYUUUUUM!
@Quadrant: Omg you've made my day CX
o-o That stare tho...I think I will like where this is going!
*flails* Cant wait!
Little Kaito plus Karol... and her boyfriend?!?! OvO You are spoiling us Angel I swear!
So cutee =//^//= And his hair though...So awesome!
@Quadrant: Lol don't worry I didn't notice he has it either. C: I noticed like 3 pages ago and freaked out.
Come on dylan you can do it! TELL HIM!
Happy birthday! =v= I hope it is as wonderful and magical as you are! <333
You did such a good job though! And trust me we defiantly appreciate your struggle! @u@