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I just spent most of yesterday and all of last night binge reading this comic! It is one of the best comics I have read in a very long time!
I love that she grabbed some sort of racket for an intruder!
This is one of those times, I feel like I shouldn't laugh, but can't help it. Charli as is just so cheerful!
September 15th, 2017
I just died laughing!
September 15th, 2017
This room is so clean compared to mine lol!
It was awesome meeting you today at the con!
Please stay safe! That is the most important thing in these situations!
Those words kill me! So sad!
I have totally done that, went to sleep listening to the sleepy breathing of the person on the phone.
@Quarklette: Thank you for letting me know. I look forward to the next chapter! I am wanting to start my own comic but I am finding it is a huge process even before you begin so no rush just happily waiting!
best thought bubble ever lol!
Will there be more posts? I really enjoyed this comic before and was looking forward to the return.
This comic is HOT! also Damn I want that sweater!
Ok reading the comic was great, but I have to say today the top 2 comments after really added to the amusement!
@Rai-Chu: It sounds like you have been going through something very painful. I hope you are able to find some help to feel better as a person and as an artist. I want you to know that I really enjoy this comic and I appreciate you finishing it. I know the struggle can be very real and that you are able to do something like this, even when you feel this way, is something to be proud of. I hope you know that.

I realize we have never spoke before but if you ever need to chat with someone who understands, please let me know and I would be happy to hear you. I have several ways of being reached as well if you decide you wanted someone to talk to *Hugs*
Poor guy. Also pretty awesome so far! It really draws you in.
This comic is really beautiful and I am enjoying the story too.
This comic is so full of awe!!!