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sorry. found out a day to late. i would have voted for you if i could have.
i thought this was the anniversary comic
sorry to be a bother but i counted 3 times and came up with 11 each time
could you do the story of orion
and she dated Orion
love this comic
are you doing their birth? when they killed 14 people because the mother of all 14 said she should be worshipped instead of their mother? either way it would be so cool. can't wait for more but i will try. if you want a story of apollo with out artemis try the story of apol and daphne.
i would love to see the story of eros and psyche. at echocave it is actually athena that is born from zues's head.
April 18th, 2009
batman refrences huh? is that doctor cox on that coin? cool though i see dc influences
aw how sweet
i plan on naming my first son ashley when i'm older. i'm only 18, a couple of hours from 19, years old
i like it. are you going to post more soon?
elliot is a boy's name
in the show she said her dad gave her a boy's name yet you typed girl's name. why?