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September 9th, 2017
A+ background characters
that escalated so quickly.
Its a plot phone of course its going to break
Love the art its really cute however the story telling is a but rushed is it just me? I do like it though
friends you can just talk about your sexual endeavors with, with no judgment, is great
Id rather be SHINY lol
Suddenly want backstory on the bird couple. they are just so cute
I really like the art style, im not sure what its called but i like it alot
@starstuff Lol sorry my comment might have come across as rude it was just funny to think that there are some schools that had beep tone instead of a bell esk sound.
What kind of school bell beeps??
IE suck it up or you are all doomed
Eeeey!!! Ive been so excited about this story omg
Oooh dang i wanna fight her. She called Emmett's art distasteful and exploitative. and shes acting shady with Ben
I hope the other art students get mad. I know if you deface someones art, its like a fucking war crime.
I like how he didnt even ask for Baily to come its like " Your going and here's the dress code"
I conquered the booty. thats what that look says
looks like Russ might have anger issues.
Do you guys not remember XD Chip doesn't have a wee wee
Hopefully it's not somthing like rape or sexual assult that had happen :/
September 25th, 2013
;;-;; Leeeeeee!!!!! come back!~