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The manic "Im fine im fine" look. relatable on so many levels.
@Kyt Cordell: Once in middle school i was in the band room with my cello and i let one of the guys there try out my cello and i told him to not touch the pegs, i had to go back to the orchestra room for a moment to get something and i go back and someone else is playing with my cello about to touch the pegs. I screamed lol. There was other orchestra kids there too and were having a similar issue and the band teacher had to explain to the whole class string instruments are different and you will break their stings.
jeez. as a musician that would have made me so mad. I play the cello and anytime i let someone who doesnt play a string instrument play the first thing i say is dont mess with the pegs. its insane to me how that isnt common sense to some people.
Whaaa... a flip phone
the wild low key jasper lapis in the corner. right? lol
She looks so much like her dad in this page, I love it!
Flirting very much flirting AAAh
It makes me so happy that he genuinely loves her and its so cute
I think i couldn't handle a school like this that was so anal about dress code. I mean im a good noodle but jeez id definitely act definite over something like that.
aaaaye Zippy's!
Brace for homophobia in 3..2..1
Its dangerous to go alone take thiiiiis
conquest for the booty has now commenced.
I mean Dakota was kinda a jock like character before the world ended.
September 9th, 2017
A+ background characters
that escalated so quickly.
Its a plot phone of course its going to break