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Im an insomniac who likes webcomics!
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Wait do we know who he is taking with him? Who he is asking if they are packed yet? Either I missed something or we are about to meet someone!
I am so excited to see you're back! Sorry you've had health problems but I am glad you got the courage to click the add new comic button! After being gone for a while it can be a little intimidating when you are rejoining stuff you had to postpone/leave for a while... (I know from illness as well)

Whenever you want to update is fine! I probably would prefer more frequent but smaller updates just to keep the flow but either way I'll still be here :)
April 13th, 2016
So today I was at work and my new contact for a client in Japan is named Aki. I died a little when I called him Aki san :D
Brynn wears Arco's clothes well if you know what I mean ;)
@Mccull61: I'm dying cuz I saw the page on Patreon and it is GLORIOUS XD Completely unexpected hehehehe
Totally feel for Arco as he sees his dreams flying out the window... but also feel for Brynn because it isn't fair to either of them that their education/experience is dependednt on another student who just happened to get assigned as their roommate. If I were Arco I would be like "bitches, I am my own person and the best in the class if you punish me for being partnered with someone who didn't even apply here than you can kiss my butt" then I would go back to the room and do sexy things with my cute roommate :D

Seriously though that tear drop...
IT IS SO WORTH IT GUYS! (Proud patron here and for real she's always posting awesome stuff). :)
omg shark bait in the first panel creeping is so creepy :O Love blind Arco btw, super needy and adorable :)
HAHAHA "Who ARE you???" lmao XD I love how Arco is like "ouch" but I really want to see Brynn's face-I bet he was like "heh jackass >:D" Loving the Brynn slump onto Arco's back :3

Also, please lift croutons with care Arco, they are fragile...and dangerous :D

Now where is shark bait? Me thinks he is up to something ;)
@Bandito: apparently emojis come off as 😭 Lol
@Mccull61: I'm in Texas now! It's a change for sure 😁 I'm gonna be commenting a little less for a while just because unpacking is taking up my time but when I got my internet working checking tme and arco were top on my list! Seriously loving the plots!!! (Even though I'm feeling for June bug right now 😭)
2 weeks later I am moved in across the country and finally have computer acess again! So many pages! So many emotions! Its so cute!!!! His "ugly christmas sweater" even has a whale on it!!! XD I am loving the story and the pages-just hadn't had acess to comment until now... Brynn is such a little turd-he reminds me of those yippy little dogs that is all bark and no bite (which i own btw) and he is so easy to irritate lol! and Arco coming to the rescue while also pushing Brynn's buttons was priceless ;)

Feeling bad for Aaron but I know soon he will meet June so not feeling that bad XD
November 7th, 2015
Having spent the past 2 weeks moving across country I am sooooo excited to see my favorite boys finally having some love time :D (made my day!!!!)
Every morning is harder and harder because you haven't met your June Bug yet, you silly goose!

Just caught up on the last several pages (moving across the country monday morning so I am incognito right now) and I absolutely adore how Arco wants to watch a movie then falls asleep!

And I love how Brynn is mustering up the courage to care about Arco-its scary for some of us to invest ourselves in caring about others, since then they can hurt us, so we deny that we care-but Brynn admitted he cares by saying he wants to do well on the test for Arco!!! So proud of my little crabby soggy crouton!!!! Anyways, lovely update and I will be checking in less frequently for a couple of weeks but I still love it!
Brynn you are jaded like me. To assume makes an ass out of u and me so try not to read too much into people's motives-or at least not Arco who is literally so sweet he sleeps with a stuffed whale! He won't do anything to intentionally hurt you! Now enjoy the movie and getting to LIE IN BED WITH HIM XD

PS why'd arco have to put on underwear :'(
reading the last panel has that song "I like it like that... I LIKE it LIKE that" in my head. I feel like Arco likes to be naked in front of Brynn too ;)
Bahaha, I love how Arco is like 'yeah I showered so I'm gonna strut around in my towel while I make popcorn cuz that's how hot I am' lol I vote for him watching the video still clad in a towel only ;)

AWWW Crabby Crouton is HAPPY???!!! I love him happy! I also love him grouchy and bitchy and grumpy and sad but happy is right there with them! Happy looks good on you, Brynn! :D
Oh my word, Brynn's smile (even though not a full toothy grin yet) is breathtaking-Arco can't possibly misinterpret his intentions with that face. Arco-you ARE a grown man who sleeps with a whale...if you can't take the heat get the whale out of the kitchen XD

I love seeing Brynn looking so comfortable, especially since he was just talking to the aforementioned whale alone in the room :| Absolutely adorable- now if only Arco would reply to the grin with a blush!!! XD
@Mccull61: (that was a random fact I actually DO NOT watch that kind of porn in case people think I'm a creepXD )