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Geeky romantic, obsessive optimist and starving artist. Well maybe not starving, my day job pays well but starving for time to draw perhaps! I'm an avid lover of science fiction, all things comics, video games and hockey. Hoping to become an established comic artist, its been a struggle so far but the journey has well been worth it in my mind.
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T.B.R.: Total Body Replacement. A T.B.R. recipient is someone who suffered a fatal accident that resulted in their organic body being so badly damaged that it can't be regenerated using standard stem cell treatments. The victim's head is literally removed from their body and grafted onto a cybernetic body. As a result many T.B.R. recipients have extensive (and not always legal) cybernetic modifications installed since the healing time is usually hours instead of days or even weeks.
Companion Clubs
Originally developed as a means to help residents of the mega towers cope with mental illness companion clubs quickly became notorious for sexual deviancy. While some companion clubs offer sexual surrogacy as a legitimate service many operate "underground" and sexual services are neither implied nor asked for. Adventurous individuals seeking sex simply need to know which club to go to and who to ask...
Is "Epic Chaos" the title of your comic or your life?