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Look at that fun fun fun place! An actual comic page will be up next week. If you can't wait, there's already like 5-ish pages up on our patreon:
@LA_Dakota: YeeeEEEAH! The cover is up now!!!
HOT DAMN! HELL(P) IS BACK! Here's the ambiguous cover!
Are you excited? Have you caught up with HeLL(P) while waiting for the new chapter? Have you re-read the comic? Have you been dreaming about Marcus' pink, soft hair? Imagined the taste of "Hell Yeah!", wondered what No1's favourite snack is?
Hey guys! The long wait is soooooon over.
As a Patreon pledger, however, the fun has already started.
The full cover for #7 is already up!:

Are you excited??
I didn't know what to draw when I did this, so ended up drawing Grayson riding a horse. Inspired by another short comic I was working on at that moment, with a gang riding horses. To see the sketch and painted version, check out tapastic:
August 9th, 2019
This week is a drawing by co-creator C. Vinter! Check out more of her stuff on instagram here:
They're rocking that fashion, aren't they??

I've been super busy working on a short comic for an anthology lately, check out my instagram for pictures if you're curious:

Can't wait to get back to draw HeLL(P). The storyboard is still in the making, but as soon as the other stuff is handled, I assure you, HeLL(P) will be back in business :D

How's your summer been?
August 7th, 2019
@Pickup Truck: Aw yeah!!!
August 7th, 2019
@Meanwhile, in the background...: *Google translates* Oh damn, not even the creators understands him, that poor man :'D
The other day I went out to buy some stuff along with my dad, and I got a flashback to when I was a kid. My dad always used to meet people he knew, or in this case, he kept getting important work-calls all the time and kept on talking for AGES, and I was just waiting around, bored out of my mind. Didn't expect that to happen at my age... (I'm not a kid anymore, believe it or not)

Hope you're having a great summer. I have, but it's also been exhausting. Travelling a lot, stuff's been happening, lots of comic work to do. Soooo looking forward to get back to drawing HeLL(P)!
@DataJess: Haha thanks! I'd love to have one myself, to be honest :'D
These titles are.. the best... x_x
Another drawing! And another video, this time with a cheesy youtube-soundtrack.
You're welcome!
Did this while we were in Oslo for a con.
Here's a little video from the inking process:

Working on the storyboard for the next chapter! I hope it'll be cool, it's a tricky one.
@Slayernice: Aw man, that makes me happy! Always feels a bit weird to post just sketches, so glad you like it >u<
This week's update is sketches! Will be posting some different stuff the coming weeks while we work on the storyboard for the next chapter.
Enjoying your summer? :D
@Slayernice: Haha, yup! If you look at the Tapas-link you can see what the original looked like before I added the effects digitally.
When doing drawings like this, and the covers, I paint it with watercolors :D
See the original version here:
Chap 6 is DONE! So the coming weeks we'll be posting some other stuff while we're working on the storyboard for HeLL(P) and a billion other projects that suddenly popped up D:
What's your plans for the summer?? What would you like to see from us?
June 21st, 2019
THAT concludes chap6!
We will be posting artworks and sketches for the next upcoming fridays, so sort of having a break, but will still be active.
DO YOU have questions you want to ask the characters? Would be cool to draw the replies!
Sorry, we won't answer what's up with Domino's eyepatches and what's the deal between No1 and Crayon/No2 :'D
You can ask, obviously, but they'll most likely give you a silly answer...
We are open for other art-suggestions!
June 15th, 2019
@JoKeR: yes D: yikes! We'll have a little break after that, BUT there'll be weekly updates with artworks and sketches hehe, so fear not!
June 14th, 2019
Confused Rip is confused!!!!
Also, there's only one page left of this chapter, wtf!?
C. Vinter and I are off to Oslo comics Expo this weekend! Yayayayyy, first con this year :D