@CreationOfHell: Haha, yup, the demon, Otto Mercy, shot him deeead xD
And you're right, No4 played Angel Spell, or at least so he thought! But apparently he mixed the cards D:
Woaaah! That's a lot of red! (It's ketchup I promise D: )

We had a break last week because we were traveling, and we might take another short break over the summer, so beware!

As I mentioned before I'm currently illustrating a comic for BOOM! Studios called Lazaretto, and it's super cool!!! ;A; First issue(of 5) comes out in September, and you guys should all check it out! Here's an interview of Clay McLeod Chapman, the writer, and it has two character designs for the comic!
http://www.westfieldcomics.com/blog/interviews-and-columns/interview-clay-mcleod- chapman-on-boom-studios-lazaretto/
July 5th, 2017
@Mader Levap: Yeah, at this early point in the story, they don't know how serious signing up is, so they have the "join for a while and then drop out" mentality, haha.
@Slayernice: Hahaha, we always make silly twists... And yes it does sound bad o___o

And thanks! Had the most relaxing time ever, but back to rainy Norway now xD
July 2nd, 2017
@JillyFoo: Haha, the digital pages was an Easter Special! (So drawn by C. Vinter instead of me, Jey Levang)
Posting this one day too early to make sure I don't forget it! I'm chillin in the sun in Spain hehe (While back in Norway it's raining, raining)
Also, there might be some red on the next page, warning warning xD
@battybrain: Hahaha, yuuuup! it would xD
@Slayernice: Hahahaha, there's a big chance it is xD
There's so many great expressions on this page, high quality ART!
And WHAT!? Apparently it's summer now *looks out at all the rain* You guyz got any plans for the summer?
@CreationOfHell: Hehe, yeah it'll be interesting to see <u<

And haha, ever since chapter two when Marcus gets the stamp thing on his chest, if you remember that xD BUT I completely forgot to draw it until now, so no wonder you never noticed :'D
@Slayernice: Yes, finally!!

AND THANKS!!! D: Maybe they'll take it in in a comic shop nearby you???
COOL /MINDBLOWING NEWS: Yesterday something I've been working on lately was finally announced: I'm drawing a comic published by BOOM! Studios, written by Clay McLeod Chapman!! Read about it here if you wanna know more: https://www.newsarama.com/34930-animal-house-meets-lord-of-the-flies-in-boom-s-laza retto.html

At first I was afraid we'd have to put HeLL(P) on a hiatus, but I'll do my best to avoid it! It's been fine so far, hehe.
@Slayernice: Meanies Y____Y And thanks!!!!!
Going to a convention in Oslo, so posting the page one day early! WOOOH!!
Way to kill a (childish) joke!
Creepy, evil camera man! And No2 has the biggest puppy eyes <3
@battybrain: Haha yup it's pretty easy to play, the hard part is to predict/know what will happen when you play a card xD
@Slayernice: Yes... But then we can always go back to this moment and remind ourselves what it looked like to have hope xD
So much hope in their eyes... Have a nice weekend guys!