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June 21st, 2019
THAT concludes chap6!
We will be posting artworks and sketches for the next upcoming fridays, so sort of having a break, but will still be active.
DO YOU have questions you want to ask the characters? Would be cool to draw the replies!
Sorry, we won't answer what's up with Domino's eyepatches and what's the deal between No1 and Crayon/No2 :'D
You can ask, obviously, but they'll most likely give you a silly answer...
We are open for other art-suggestions!
June 15th, 2019
@JoKeR: yes D: yikes! We'll have a little break after that, BUT there'll be weekly updates with artworks and sketches hehe, so fear not!
June 14th, 2019
Confused Rip is confused!!!!
Also, there's only one page left of this chapter, wtf!?
C. Vinter and I are off to Oslo comics Expo this weekend! Yayayayyy, first con this year :D
@JoKeR: Nooo worries at all! There's a billion characters in this comic. At this point, I'm honestly surprised if people actually remember names outside the main character crew x____x
@DataJess: I'm honestly really impressed you remembered his name! He's not even wearing his hat in this page :'D That's super cool, you get a sticker for paying attention! *puts sticker on your chin
@DataJess: Hahaha! Would suck if he accidentally sat on it, if he always kept it in his pocket :'D

And right?? They're an odd couple, but they are sweet when their love shows
Now you know who Looney's boyfriend is!!
@DataJess: he doesn't want to hurt people, it's not always very convenient D:

And it is! Super powerful too actually, would be pretty easy smashing people when they're small like that o_o
But they're tiny!!! Also don't touch No1 in stressful situations ._.
Get the heeeeeell out of there!
We sent this chapter to print for the con season, so soooon chap 6 will be available to buy!
That's one BIG nasty demon!
@Heckles yeah: Haha, awesome! Thanks, that's really helpful! :D
@DataJess: Ah, cool! Thanks, that's really helpful :D Let me know if you have any specific HeLL(P) characters in mind too!
@LA_Dakota: Cool! Is there anyone in particular you're curious about or just want to see more of? :D
@DataJess: Cool! That's noted then. Anything in particular you enjoy? :D
The bubbles ARE useful!
Also, some questions:
During a potential break in the comic between this and the next chapter, what would you rather see: a little sketch dump with several silly sketches each friday, or one full color image each friday? And why?
And What would you want to see??
What are you missing or wishing we did more of?
@Oh no: Iiiit seeeems to look liiiike it is 0:
@Press F to pay respects: The end :(