@battybrain: Haha yup it's pretty easy to play, the hard part is to predict/know what will happen when you play a card xD
@Slayernice: Yes... But then we can always go back to this moment and remind ourselves what it looked like to have hope xD
So much hope in their eyes... Have a nice weekend guys!
@Slayernice: Hahaha :´D It's in a small town in the middle of nowhere...
@JoKeR: huehuehuehuehue <u<
This page was so funny to work on :´D
@Slayernice: Pfff hahaha! Suddenly he changes completely and is super humble and friendly and nice xD
@Slayernice: Yeah, mean donkey!! Makes me wonder what happens if an actual donkey enters the pub o.o
Said the man with a donkey head...... (I had a good giggle when we planned this page!)
@JoKeR: Haha, you never know with this comic!!
Complicated rules are complicated!!
Another map-looking thing! :D
@Slayernice: Haha, ok ok, it's because he's way too attractive. It would distract the game master.... :'D heehee
@rogogor: ROGOGOR! :D
And hahahaha, he's just a blind old man who doesn't want any drama.... :'D
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This week's page is a... MAP! Thought it would be kinda cool to have an overview of The Donkey Man, considering they'll spend the rest of the chapter there!

It was surprisingly weird and hard to draw, but I like the end result hehe
I LOVE THIS COVER! *sheds a proud tear*
@Kikaharu: Haha! I love adding weird details like that. Makes me wonder what it is though o.O Maybe plastic bananas. It's a fake banana, but it's a real PLASTIC banana??