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@Slayernice: Yuuup! that's hell for ya :'D
EEeeeee that looks painful, 170 D:
And sure you can make that sacrifice, Nyxon??
@Slayernice: Hahaha, yeah it is a total mess :'D Glad you're enjoying it!!! It's been a lot of fun working on!
YOU CAN NOW BUY HELL(P) ONLINE! Check out this link:

The shop will be open until the 27th of june, but will re-open after a couple of weeks (We're going on a vacation! woooh)
At the moment chapter 5 is only available in a limited A4 edition, hehehehehe, but will later be available in A5 too!

WOAH! He had a plan!

And woah woah, we got this chapter printed, in A4!!!? Will try to open the shop the coming week, so if you want a sweet sweet physical HeLL(P) in your hands, keep your wallet ready! Will update you guys once the shop is live
Posting one day early because we're OFF TO OSLO for Oslo Comics Expo (OCX) tomorrow! The first convention of 2018, woh!
What are you up to, No4????
@Spikecheese: Hahaha it's so bad :'D
You look way too happy, Mr. Mercy!!!!
Juuuust when you thought it couldn't get any worse....
"Snap out of it!!"
Been working hard on finishing chapter 5 these past two weeks, and we're coming to an end! Will soon open for pre-orders! Can't believe we've been working on the same chapter for over a year! RIP
SURPRISE! It's free comic book day, so we thought WHY NOT do a bonus update!
Too bad it's a freakin depressing page..........
Quickly, google search images of bat-babies eating bananas or sleeping puppies or something, it'll cheer you up!
WOWOWOWAH?! This page is a little special, so look at THAT! Full color! (Yes I know how to color stuff too!) Enjoy it while it lasts, it's just for this little segment.

Another update I'm super excited about: I'VE FREAKIN SKETCHED OUT THE REST OF THE CHAPTER! Oh wait, not just sketched, inked it too, all in just a couple of days! Which means PREPARE yourself! Soon we will open for pre-orders of HeLL(P) chapter 5, the whole damn thing!!!! WEEE
U-u-u-uhhhh D:
Be worried AND excited for next week's page.
It's both awesome, and dark at the same time.
Not your typical brain freeze D: And you know bad stuff's been happening when an exploding/disappearing dude doesn't shock you anymore...
@Slayernice: Will you ever be able to trust anyone again?!
Yikes, not sweet at all!!!
Yikes, maybe not so innocent after all! D:
@Kerwana: Oh man, thank you so much for sharing this!
We're always curious what new readers think about this beast of a comic, so hearing this means a lot to us! So glad you enjoy it! How did you find the comic?
Such a colorful page!!!