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I'm a Dirk Strider fangirl, an intense shipper, and my OTP is John Egbert x Vriska Serket.

And that is really all there is to say on the matter.
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@Thunder the shinx: Maybe because the gem on his forehead is cracked?
or maybe i'm just steven universe trash and reading into it too much
@LKWayvern: Wayvern, Wayvern.
What are you doing here I didn't know you were a fan of this comic.
Oh, it's Mr. The Sage's Chingling alright. They promised the weirdo, they're getting the weirdo.
We would, Etam. We would.
bokyurah's just like wHAT
...what is there not to like about 20tk
No, really. I filled out the rest of the form and I can't think of anything I don't like about 20TK.
what are you talking about this answers all of your questions
Dangit, Drake.
This 'Mr. The Sage' seems to be working for Dialga.
I like these Chinglings. "Get the weirdo!"
Etam, are you trying to summon Kexas?
@NikNW: Yeah, it was revealed a long time ago and never mentioned again, I believe.
Do none of you remember Keito, or are all of these comments sarcasm?
It's obvious Kaxo is going to tell them that Keito is dead.
Diego is angry today.
So did anyone else see the rod behind his back?