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Hello! I like Animating, Tae Kwon Do, Soccer, Writing and Minecraft. With animating, I can (for now ) only do minecraft things until I get better, and I am not very good at drawing.
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    Donavan Whisler
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just ask the internet
what is fast for you? here are some 30-minute recipes. just type in how fast you want your food in the internets

5 minute vegan foods:
@Falconer: welcome, and drawing at night is perfectly fine, with your previous comics, I understand. keep up the fabulous work.
sorry for this
What was that second panel supposed to be.
'But will I do in the meantime' it is missing a word or two. I dont know if my words are wanted, but thanks T_T
@Ionic Defibrillator: mine is watching paint dry
Get a stretchy belt.
save it for the next day. ziplock baggy it and bring it for lunch.
Spelling error
the "We can grow up learing things that are wrong" the learing part needs to be learning. Dont know if you care, or wanted that info. Have a good day
TWO ponytails...
I have school, which ends in 1 week and a half. I have finals to worry about until then. December 12 is when I can start up again. Sorry for the wait and thanks for staying!!
Glad you had a good time!!
4 or 5 days
I will post from (maybe Monday) tuesday - friday now.
I just spent the last 2 hours reading these... good comic thus far!
my Fiance always does that, she gets puffy when I don't notice.
it is kinda ridiculous to say, but never undervalue yourself. You are making people happy, and that is something in of itself.
its alright.. I did the same thing watching One Piece from the beginning...
@inubasket: I believe you are right, she is a great artist and lotsa people love her work. If she stopped, many people would wonder why and worry about her.
Try hypnosis.. it is fun and can make things...interesting