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Heys! Zynk Oxhyde here! Just call me Zynk! :D
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@SSJ Rose Nova: Not all. Like in Mega Man 2, those are Dr. Wily's own creations. MM3 are his, MM4 are technically his, MM5 are his, 6 are obviously manipulated by him, MM7 & MM8 are his, MM9 are not his, MM10 are his.
So we'll be seeing Roll here in her 30th dress?
Wait, no Got Weapon screen?
Her boss room is pretty drab gray. And she doesn't have any special attacks? Like instead of just a whip, maybe she can use the animal bots to attack... or send in some clowns.
@MegaBossMan: Would be better is its a Shield Attacker or Protoshield.
My she's lashing out some whip puns.
There's a Super Cut Man figure already (just head swap with Mega Man though).
Plottwist! I bet Roll & Disco are not behind this female uprising. Mega Man and Bass will get captured by the Robot Mistresses. And its up to Roll and Disco to save them! (methinkslol)
"Sunglasses" to be precise.
Don't! Tell me that's NOT Roll! :((
Would it be neat when Cut Man uses a new weapon, instead of his cutter, the new weapon is on his head?
Dr. Leaf must be a fan of Valo, the Waifu Maker. JK
With his temperament, I'm surprised his acting had fooled Dr. Light & Rock.
That streaked hair suits him (not speaking for Roll, though). BTW, Female Rhythm FTW XD
Her ass is on Bass.
@RedBomber : But Tango is Roll's cat. Cutman maybe referring to his "cut".
I hope he doesn't ask who's Disco's mom.
So it's Roll's turn to save the day..?
@proto_eevee: Mega Man didn't say "DIE WILY!" in the JP version. He only fell silent with ellipses.
@MegaBossMan: You mean Sniper"Jane" *ugh*