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Well, guess I should talk about my self. Hmmm, where to start. Ok, the names Dan, I'm a college student interested in cooking, drawing, some video games, and web comics. I spend some time on the computer, either on line or making my comic with the miracle of Microsoft paint, would like to draw my own comics, but can't draw that good, don't have a whole lot of money, and frankly I'm too lazy to. Well, I hope you enjoy my comics.
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November 11th, 2019
Yay, walkies!

I have a feeling Jasper is going to get an early parole. Be hard to hold a job while your in the hole.
November 10th, 2019
A tactical clothes malfunction? That is so low yet so clever.
This is why it is very important to go over and consider every option before you get a pe- errr, ask your girl friend to bust your brother out of prison. It is a lot of responsibility and may not be fair for the brother if you do not let him go outside and get exercise and interact with other brothers. Signs to look out for neglect are passive aggressive behavior, combativeness, and destruction of personal belongings. So remember, pe-errr, brother owning may be rewarding, but is a lot of work too.
Making them reenact the Peanut's Halloween special?! Stan maybe an actual demon, but Pumpkin Vice is the true fiend here.
@InkyMadness: Thanks to you, now I am thinking what Tommy and the other babies would think Mother Cox is and them trying to reach it. Mommy Coughs?
Mama Marmar is firm but fair.
October 24th, 2019
Huh, guess Jimbo was the smart one after all.
Easiest way to deal with baby face is to grow some facial hair! Well, it might not stop people from calling you cute, but you'll get carded less.
Quick Max, sing the frienemy song I made up a few pages ago! It may not stop Marisol, but it will get that song stuck in her head!

Just a thought though, what was Max's social life was like before being Amber's err guardian like person? Was thinking that if Marisol was his only friend, Sean is by default his bro. Hell, he is totally bro-ing it up coming to Max and Rebecca's defense there.
Boy, Mana looks very al-armed when she took Ava's dishes off her hands.

Hand puns are great!
October 17th, 2019
@Guest: No, was not thinking sex, but that usually follows when two people get hitched.
After fleeing from some big bad monster, I would love to instantly come back to such a view. It would be like " OH NO! WE ARE...-blip-SAVED! Whooo! Boy that was a close one... Mmmm just gonna sit here and.... yeah, nice. Wished I packed a lunch though."
Mama Marmar has sensed her baby boy is in danger and has come to kick ass!

Also, "goody goodies"? Sean, you need to step it up or maybe you have gotten attached to them.
Vice, you monster! Using 90's pop with the already infectious power of pumpkin spice against our hero! You maniac!
That's one hell of a beautiful wrench there.
Easy Sean. Just think Jasper, only more fun and most likely more crazy. Oh, easier on the eyes, but going back to the more crazier part...
Ah, the best tool in a dad's arsenal, "Have You Asked Your Mother?". Traditionally used as a defensive means to deflect any decisions that might make the offspring view the father as "The Bad Guy" or to ensure they do not themselves cross the mother and be banished to the couch. Here, the Father uses it offensively, knowing too well that the two quarreling offspring dare not to upset the mother.
End of the world? Nah, just another Monday.
September 27th, 2019
Warren chose the wrong battlefield/opponent to face today.

Funny enough, Mana was very prepared for this conversation.
@Johan Broad: *Sniff* It's beautiful.