Well, guess I should talk about my self. Hmmm, where to start. Ok, the names Dan, I'm a college student interested in cooking, drawing, some video games, and web comics. I spend some time on the computer, either on line or making my comic with the miracle of Microsoft paint, would like to draw my own comics, but can't draw that good, don't have a whole lot of money, and frankly I'm too lazy to. Well, I hope you enjoy my comics.
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Well, guess someone is in a dilly of a pickle. Though at least it is something that was suppose to be on the sandwich. Just imagine if it was a bourbon soaked teddy bear and a used tampon instead.
Thunder, thunder, thunder cats hoooooooo!
Hmm, self made, less than humble roots, and orbiting death ray. God save (us from) the queen!
Best nap ever!
July 14th, 2017
Oh and get this, we still pilot vehicles with wheels and, get this, we still eat things that are not grown in a vat or tube! Haha haha haaa. Don't even get me started on global warming or world hunger.
Your bad? So you could say that this was when you were bad? :)
Seems like Phantoms mask gives Link an accent, as well as turn his victim's hearts into chocolate. Sweet.

Link isn't the hero we wanted, but the one we deserve.
@Kinggigasmon: Plan B?
@Guest: heh heh, access
Challenge accepted!
This is like a horror movie sequel, much worse then you thought it would be.

Seriously though, can't wait to see what our heroes... strike that, what our protagonists find in this hell hole of savings.
Was not expecting this from Link and Phantom's face off.


Will see myself out.

Plus side, least link won't ever have to take another person's face ever again. Nope. No need to take faces and use them for masks to gain their powers and form, cause that would be silly.
Steve better book it before Bobby finds out about that pun.
Hmm, it's Porn!

Seriously though, a guy George never met that has hair yet knows Atty... hmm... let's narrow it down to a list of all the people Atty knows that are guys with hair... to be honest that is like what, six guys?
@Hydra: Might be more like if you were to total the company car, you're ruining company assets and could be fired if not reprimanded depending on the circumstances.
Like a horror movie villain, Cheap-O-Mart returns.
@Zebaoth: No one suspects the monkey (chimp).
Back in Black.
Some things cannot be figured out with an equation.
Huh, did not realize how flexible Richard is, because we just watched him put his foot in his mouth.