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Well, guess I should talk about my self. Hmmm, where to start. Ok, the names Dan, I'm a college student interested in cooking, drawing, some video games, and web comics. I spend some time on the computer, either on line or making my comic with the miracle of Microsoft paint, would like to draw my own comics, but can't draw that good, don't have a whole lot of money, and frankly I'm too lazy to. Well, I hope you enjoy my comics.
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Well, plus side, I doubt anyone would mess with Max and by proxy Cali.

Not sure if I said this, but congrats Doc and it is extremely appreciated and just down right baller that you even posting anything during such a stressful time. Thank you!
...and no instant bad guy away or million rupee filled pouch or sexy bitches that... oh who am I kidding! It never works that way.
@Morzone: You summon a pizza from one of Hell's finest pizzeria, "Pineapple Petes". It's located in the part that punishes people who take the whole "Putting pineapple on pizza is a sin" too seriously.
Yeah, know how it is when you go to a work function and you never can remember that one guy's name. You and your other work friends just refer to him as the slime guy.
I am sure that in some point in every person's adult life, they will touch on the fact that Goofy had fornicated. It might not be as direct as "Goofy fucks", but it is one of those things we cannot avoid bringing up or at least getting to.
Also, I am now imagining John in a Goofy hat. He makes it work.
Ah geez, this is turning into one of those sit-com situations where everybody thinks they know what the one person wants, but never bother to ask. Only difference is there wasn't a way to tell Rob, and no one seems to have some kind of catchphrase. Jasper's would be something along the lines of "Huh, guess I've found a new knife holster." While Sean would be something like "The shit I find myself in." Gail is a bit harder to place, due to me fighting the urge of making it some wind related pun.
Gold, jewels, or the best treasure of all, friendship!?
Wait, no. Friendship kind of sucks when you can have that plus gold and jewels.
That guy better run. The last time I saw a helmetted man do that, a bunch of goblins were slaughtered without mercy. I mean they deserved after what they did to the young adventuring party, it was just so brutal.
@evilnidhogg: There is a reason why Batman picked Bats as his motif. They scare him and are seriously jacked.
Crap! I heard what guards like to do to prisoners when they get them alone. They are going to strip him and with their night sticks... Oh, almost forgot the it was Gail and Jasper using magic to pose as guards. For a second there I thought Rob was about to force him to juggle naked.
So, to continually to play online you pay a subscription fee, while to pay off line you buy a DLC... This feels like what MMOs do but backwards.
So, does this make Hades a Demi-God?

I'll see myself out.
@evilnidhogg: I'd watch that. Can either be called "Murder She Evoked" or "Hogwarts 99".
Quest Completed!
So, the Inside Story of Infinity Wars.
I'd make the obvious and very gutter minded comment that one might associate when someone is face a tentacled adversary, but I feel neither Lave nor the err plant lady would appreciate it. Though if it were to gross the plant lady out enough to give Lave an opening, it might be worth mentioning; however, not like either of them would hear it.
There isn't a jury or judge alive that could convict such an adorable zombie of anything even if she was holding the evidence.

On that note, if zombies are anything like Eska, I am fearing a possible zombie apocalypse less.
@gentlechaos: So, if this was Star Wars, he'd be a Jon Jon.

Doubt Chie could say the she thought he smelt bad on the outside.
So, they were both checking out his "tail".

Hmm, giving him the obvious nickname of Tails. Sure, Tori is easy enough to remember, but Tails.
Those rich bastards! Hogging Chocobos all to themselves and in a world where they are in dire of need of bird mounts.