Well, guess I should talk about my self. Hmmm, where to start. Ok, the names Dan, I'm a college student interested in cooking, drawing, some video games, and web comics. I spend some time on the computer, either on line or making my comic with the miracle of Microsoft paint, would like to draw my own comics, but can't draw that good, don't have a whole lot of money, and frankly I'm too lazy to. Well, I hope you enjoy my comics.
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Huh, so of all the unique features George could remember about Thad, him having hair is the one thing she remembers?
@Guest: Maybe his name is Steve and it will make things easier.
@JJic: Already have a solid start with Lenard, Mudman, Eclipse and Aperture Girl.
Atty just found out what the rest of diglet looks like!
RE: EmilyAnnCoons: I can help with one word: YOWZAH!

... Just going to leave that there and walk away, leaving the page and not look back. Good night.
@Koren: *High fives*
Non-humaness achieved. Fuck that is a scary ass cow!
This comic is Darcy approved!
In an alternate universe, all the characters of this comic would be chibi hamsters. The story is the same, just with chibi hamsters. Except for Sean. Only difference is that he says chew at the end of every other sentence.
Don't think flowers and a box of chocolates will smooth this unholy mess that has been stewing for seven years. Think we are beyond staying with the parents over a holiday or herb gardens now.
Huh, other than the giant snake dude ignoring us, this seems like a pretty chill cul- er, I mean religion.
We all knew this day would come, just a matter of time. Only difference is that I'd figure it would start with a cardboard sign saying something similar to "the end is near!".
July 25th, 2017
Wow, with everything in this comic, this single page is just, wow.
Some guys just don't know when to quit.
The guy just needed to bear with Steve, else things could get grizzly.
Seven years of stewing... that's a pot I would not want to open...
And thus they became spice bros!
Surfs up!
Len say anything strange?! Now that is just silly.
We really need more world leaders like Liz.