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Well, guess I should talk about my self. Hmmm, where to start. Ok, the names Dan, I'm a college student interested in cooking, drawing, some video games, and web comics. I spend some time on the computer, either on line or making my comic with the miracle of Microsoft paint, would like to draw my own comics, but can't draw that good, don't have a whole lot of money, and frankly I'm too lazy to. Well, I hope you enjoy my comics.
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Becky is here! Sean had his chance with the good cop, now he faces the rational thinking cop.
@MarioKong: Sadly I thought the whole evil cobbler they added near the end was a bit shoehorned.
Just as long as the costumer is all-white with everything...

There we go, the pun was made.
You'd be surprised what bits of trivia can get people interested.

Also, never knew that about the whole silver being the reasoning behind vampires not having reflections/ unable to be photographed. Thank you.
November 15th, 2017
@Guest: Huh, can actually see it.
November 15th, 2017
@Guest: Darcy could carrier the entire east side of the U.S. , which happens to be the number of casualties from one of her mood swings.
November 14th, 2017
The shop owner does not observe pre-thanksgiving Christmas sells and is protesting it! Her shop will remain closed until the 27th.

That or something with the bluining of the sky.
Po-ta-to po-tah-to.

Though glad we isolated the key to being a successful politician. It's all in the look.
I am certain 90% of the trainers you run into in the game don't deserve the pokemon they have. I mean, who keeps a metapod at level 14 and a magickarp at 25? Why do preschoolers even have pokemon!? How the hell are any of the themed trainers planing to collect badges when 2 or 3 of the gyms use a type of pokemon that are strong against theirs!!? Atty would be doing the pokeworld a service! Sure it's evil, but it's the only way for Joey to learn that his Ratata is shit.
I bet that scorpion taste like dried lobster and that snake like chicken. Rock candied scarabs, yum! Worse it can be is nasty.
Offended kitty is offended!

Least she didn't pull out a laser pointer for Mana.
Oh come one Steve, considering how often superheroes die and then come back, this should be less annoying. Plus less clean up and paper work later.

Steve should check the Boss's office to see if he had a Toucan-Man poster or something in there.
November 12th, 2017
Gail is one twisted mo'fo. Though seems like she is making more progress than Jasper.

Will Max be able to get anything from Sean? Maybe offering him his missing shoe or even some of that coffee will loosen his lips a bit.
November 11th, 2017
Guess Sybil couldn't hold the other job either...

Also, kind of curious to see what the food is like if at least two (three) people were willing to fight a lion for.
November 11th, 2017
@evilnidhogg: Yeah, only was feed the one time.
November 9th, 2017
I am starting to think that Sybil might be a compulsive liar, that or a compulsive truth teller. Either one seems like reasons to fire someone.
Dealing with malevolent spirits isn't a good first date activity.
D.C.: Have you ever danced with the devil under the pale moon light?

K.N.: What? Why would you ask that?

D.C.: A while back Phil needed a partner for some Hero/Villain dance competition and for some reason this reminded me of that.
@The Rocktopus: Wow, you are scary and hot.
November 6th, 2017
They really need to get their priorities straight.