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Let me tell you about armor.
At length, even if you show no interest in the subject.
@wr4ith0: Down the line I might put up a zip file of the jpgs someplace.
I think we've met before.
Hey look, it's that guy from the sparring page.
@The Orange Cow: It was pretty deliberately so, many of their craft will probably look something like that.
Spaceships in my comic set in space?
How can this be.
And back to the previous coloring technique. Nolorn is not the best at managing fans.
Bit late
I skipped an update there, my intention is to make up for it eventually with a bonus update somewhere along the line. Had a lot of things get in the way of me finishing a page.

In the meanwhile I'm still trying out different methods of coloring, not entirely sold on what I did in this page though it was pretty fast.
@Rollio: Yes, I did Pointless before this comic. I still get people recognizing my art from that every once and a while.
@panicaim: Huge info dumps or having a character expound about the world were two things I set out specifically to avoid in the comic. Everything you learn about the setting is going to be in context.
And then they made out.
Have to say, I'm pretty happy with this page. The characters are much more on model than they were in the last one for sure. Still working on the lettering technique I use. It's hopefully going to be improving as I do more of it but it is very much a work in progress.
@The Orange Cow: Kid totally had it coming.
Words Words Words
Don' worry, next time I'll actually use some guidelines for the text. Still experimenting with the lettering so of course it's not quite where I want it yet. I try to keep evolving the process I use to make the comic and sometimes that has complications.

Also great with kids means beaning them with bouncy balls.
Been sick, entirely forgot to upload this until just now. Thought it was Wednesday.
Educator, fighter
One of the duties the warriors took up in times of peace in this culture was education as it turns out. Though this will be elaborated on that is why Aquinas teaches a class full of kids.

He's actually pretty okay at it.
Speech Bubbles.
One of the things that has been bothering me has been how I've been doing speech bubbles so in the newest page they're all going to be hand drawn and lettered, but the down side is that it will be a couple weeks yet before we get there.
@The Orange Cow: They have very short hair elsewhere, the way I'm imagining it is that the base of the hair on their heads, tales, and on the men the face is the same color as the hair on their body so if it's trimmed short it looks no different.
He has always been good at this getting there on time thing.
I want a drink that does that.
Still more sound effects.
Aquinas and Nolorn have always had a lot of healthy competition in their friendship, though Aquinas is on the losing side more often than not.