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18 years old,only manages to live day by day through hoping to find something cool in Timmy and Tommy's store.
Living alone, "unemployed", "sad", "really sad" (all the time).
Living alonely, sick, likes mocha flavoured anythings. Scared of mongooses.
Would probably die if shot.
Probably wouldn't die if gently patted on the head (accompanied by soft cooing noises and patronizing compliments)
Dreams in Nickelodeon crossovers (not limited to wetdreams about Kuzco and Cosmo sodomizing each other)
A yucky, cheap whore. Bad cook. Nonsexual transsexual sexual transvestite. Puts band-aids on face and pretends to be an anime character.
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Wow I love that first panel, the space of the place (haha) is really well conveyed, and the colours are so sweet and earthy the structure almost looks like a natural part of the landscape. I'm looking forward to more of this comic (and more of your scenery shots >u< )
October 31st, 2013
oooh!! really nice art! I love the texture and colours in the grass
August 12th, 2013
@Minakia: They're glorious.