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@GroovyKinda: Thanks so much ^_^ And let's just say Lucy is super nice...maybe too nice...and naive for her own good
@Delta-v: Thanks so much for your support! It really means so much! And I'm lovin' the discussion on this page :D
@melaredblu: Thanks so much ^_^ I did really well ^_^
Hey Guys! Bat and Bunny will be returning Wednesday back to normal schedule! You guys are awesome and I really appreciate your patience! I'm happy to say that I did super on my Midterms ^_^ Please enjoy a Halloween request by Oscar over at, check him out! He's putting together a great Halloween piece with the help of many talented artists...should be completed on Halloween Day. See you guys Wednesday!
I'll be's midterms I'm going to be sporadic for a bit...I hope you guys can stick it out with me almost break time!
I've actually been there ^_^ When my Dad was in the military, we lived in England for a short time ^_^
October 10th, 2013
@Delta-v: lol yep ^_^ I right?
A new character that is still not Clark?
I'm already in love with your comic!!
@melaredblu: Thank you so much ^_^ I've been looking forward to this storyline for a while
again as always...super cute page ^_^
I'm really loving this comic so far ^_^
I'll say it....I'm lower than dirt as far as updates.....>_< Gosh it is so frustrating...again i work full time and go to school full time and I had three huge projects that ate up my time...excuses excuses I know....Well I was productive though! I actually made buffer comics (YAY!!!) !!! So seriously..their should not be anymore delays for a very very long time (hopefully never). So I really hope I have not lost you and you guys will stick it out with me! Because I promise you the Comic Con story is a big one in my comic! Let's just say a certain Bunny finally makes his appearance in the story ^_^
September 14th, 2013
I totes understand! I'm dealing with classes and my job...trying so hard to keep with my schedule, but I've had some delays here and there >_< I really do enjoy your comic! Keep it up!
This took so much longer than anticipated >_< anyways here's part two..
This took so much longer than anticipated >_< anyways here's part one...
HAHAH I really enjoy the humor to your comic ^_^
@melaredblu: You have to watch out for the bookworms lol
@zorrilla: Cat friends would be amazing :D