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@Nextgener: No, they just can't compete with modern processes. Nothing really beats pancakes with butter and the liquid sugar we call syrup.
Fun Fact: The guns aren't what's making the 'THMP THMP THMP' sound. That's the sound of the clean-up crew fainting, because now they have to replace the ENTIRE subway train and where the hell are they supposed to get one of those on such short notice?!
Yikes. It's like having a zombie plague where everyone is already infected and there are only a finite number of cures. Even the ones who haven't completely lost it yet are so desperate for their own salvation that they're almost more dangerous than the fallen ones.

Of course, things would even out pretty fast. Ether you get one in time, or you don't, and as he said, there wasn't very much time to begin with.
Aggressively perky is how you describe someone who manages to incite the feeling of interacting with a morning person before your first cup of coffee, ALL THE TIME.

So yes, Pinkie Pie.
"And try not to escalate the property damage."
"I'm gonna have a crater named after me when I'm through here."
So basically the whole school knows by now.
Poor, naive George. It's so easy to believe in "Strength of Heart," when you have never experienced "Strength of Arms."
That is just begging for some sort of wacky non-sequitur.
Are those...?
Those look like rats. Normal, bog-standard, not-even-pokemon rats!

Kind of a shame Milo's nope-ing out, I've heard ratburgers can be pretty good if you make them right.
Might want to ease off on the fourth wall breaking there. Those kinds of jokes can turn obnoxious really fast if you do too many too close together.
Wait, if they're splitting the pay 50%/30%, where does the other 20% go?
That feeling when you realize you didn't quite think this through enough.
Amazing! The more he tries to act like a nice guy, the more unpleasant I find him. Truly the douche is strong with this one.
Is it just me, or does his face keep getting more punchable with every page?
@comercole: Or flash-forward. Predicting disasters is kind of Absol's thing.
He looks like a douchier Johnny Bravo.
*eyes calendar*
I'm not quite sure what to think.
"Success! I have Scienced the Magicks!"
"But I'm an Eevee, not a Luxray."
Eh, they needed someone in a rush and realized they didn't have a third Big Bird. Notice how the Greater Legends always came in threes after that.

But if you need another descriptor, the Greaters are the ones in Control of something (and by extension, the ones the Bad Guys go after to gain Control of that something). Land, Sea and Air. Space, Time and Antimatter (or Distortion, or Quantum Instability; something like that. Giratina never got a lot of screentime, okay?). Life, Death and Balance. Whatever the hell those dragons in Unova did.
The Lessers are just particularly powerful Pokemon that also happen to be exceedingly rare and hard to catch.
It's like the difference between Gods and Demigods. When a Demigod gets involved, the people around them go "Holy crap, it's THAT guy!" When a God shows up, people on the other side of the world with no idea what's going on sit up and take notice.