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I don't know why, but I would think German, somewhere down the line. Probably not 100%, but at least a quarter. Born and raised in Canada.
@GreenKrog: I think it's more people are getting engrossed in your story and don't notice the little things. I'm just mildly ocd :P
I think Dan is slipping into the dialect of his home country in the first panel a bit. I'm not sure how you'd say imrpoving either :P
Panel 2, Lexi has instead of Lexi had. Panel 4, didn't this it instead of didn't think it.
Final panel, dude you drugged you instead of dude who drugged you.
My absolute favorite effect of the hormones. Boobs are a close second, but definitely this first.
I like the subtle switchover to italics for internal monologues :)
I remember the first time I was actually excited about the prospect of transition... It was such a surreal and awesome feeling. In addition, final panel, second paragraph, first line, isn't you fault instead of isn't your fault.
Goddamn. I've been reading your comic, and there are some very dark and unpleasant things. But this is the page that made me cry.
Panel 5, I'm not sure how what nationality the Benrt would be, let alone how to say it :P
@GreenKrog: I'm just glad I can use my powers of obsessively noticing minor, inconsequential errors for good!
Halloween has two ls.
Last panel, let party instead of let's party. Finally, someone who appreciates a grammar nazi! :P
Panel 1, except instead of expect.