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Ah...I'm EmbertheAngel from DA.
And I plan on trying to do little comics for my characters.

Also, I like all types of things, and will enjoy keeping track of my fave comics I have found on here! <3

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    Amber Jacquet
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Pinkie Pie.....PINKIE PIE! His new Nick name. Yes. Yes Jura yes. <3

I caught up and I'm enjoying how it's progressing!! ; u ;
Reference. o u o *saves*

Ahaha~! So perfect. I don't make Manga/comics, but I draw. XD;

Oh....I should have known! XD; Perfect...XD


Happy April fools to you too! XD;
Oh...well here we go! X3

He goin' to learn today...o u o;
Jura....would whoop that ass...

An energy efficent Lightbulb as an idea icon! Priceless...<3

My cheek tingles while watching this...both of them. ; n ;
Oh my gosh!!!
Scochy noo! XD
That question...probably pops up with everyone...oh goshers...; n ;

maybe he thought you were too young to think that ahead?? I-I'm sorry. OTL

Scochy's papa, we all know how to make friends. XD
WHOA! lots of pages. o u o

Wern and tightie~! Hallo. (Poor baby Eris was thrown so far. Such a solider!)

Awww happiness all around! (I was right in the misunderstanding too! *fistpump*)

Amazing. ; u ;
@scottwm: Oh true. Stress. Stress, and dirty hair for me. o u o;
@scottwm: Oh no problem! ; u ;

*buckled up* OH YEEAAAH~!
O-Oh snap it...!

I smell a good misunderstanding coming and I'm going to laugh if I'm right~ <3

What's behind door number 203!? *holds breath*
I caught up!
Oh my my my!!! ; n ;

Stuff is happening! And we meet Jura and 'Nilla~! Aw yeaaaah!

(I loved that short with the bed thing. That was the best! XD
Poor baby can't believe neither...*shaking my head* Because you know...Stuff happened...and yeah...*stares at Alex along with cat*
February 3rd, 2014
@Jinyuu: No problem~! <3
Oh...wowie. ; u ;
Optimisim ftw!

(I don't really get a lot of pimples, but when I do...I got to the dark side.)

Faces are adorable. ; u ;
@scottwm: Yes...Gumbo is amazing...; u ;

Chicken and sausage, Seafood, Okra...omg...I'm wanting some...; u ;

Ahhh! I caught on aaand followed that one also...; u ; It's all good. XD;
@scottwm: OMG I'M SO LATE...; n ; (No internet)

Ehehe~! Diva was the bomb diggity. So pretty too.
Saiya did whine huh? Oh dear dear dear...
*read all pages up until this point and is so upset*

I'm mad at Tez. Tez has someone that likes him. It's Iz...Iza...><;
BUT This adds much suspense. : )

I wonder what will happen next indeed. This vessle...I feel bad for them. I wonder what Tez is looking at...Hmph. Poor Mitz...*sighs heavily* The drama that baby has to go through. *shaking her head*

Love this story so far. It's wonderful. : )
oops and then I commented on it. OTL

Bruh...this is quite beautiful. Now I get it! ; u ;

Oh geejeeze...I wanted to comment on every page, but that's too much. OTL

Naming inanimate object = cuteness factor. > u>; Poor Mako and his Jealousy...; u ;

...Eli...Eli calm down. Not you too (Insert-name-here because I forget names that quickly...OTL)!

Very curious to see how this turns out.. (Ahahah...Choo choo. <3)
Happy New year! : D

and Aw look at the cuteness~! <3 <3 <3
Oh and a wonderful comic! <3

I love Isamu and his silly self. omg. His family is perf.
January 17th, 2014

Ichi's letter got me laughing so much!
I'm imagning this being said with a silly voice and it's perfect....

Oh gawd they just want him to dress up. XDD