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*slow clap*

I’m still with you guys. Can’t wait for chapter 6!
Billy’s gotten quite a pain in the ass …
Wasn’t there something about (the) Hizrim already knowing them?
Happy anniversary!

Can’t say how long I’ve been following, maybe nine months?
@burningtyger I hope only Hizrim inside her …
So they have to splash it with tass without dying? That’s nice.
I love how everything blows up now.

Plus, new storyline with narration. That brought it to live quite a bit.
The question is: Why is Malloy (and by extend, Amical) letting Asia in on all this? To prove they are trustworthy?

And the next question: If they do, is it going to be successful?

This is getting interesting!
When you talk the bad guy into a monologue …
But who are the bad guys, anyway?

I quite sympathize with Amical & Malloy at the moment. The bunch doesn’t seem half bad.

As always, the truth probably lies somewhere in between.
@ChibiSilverWings Ah, so I am not completely blind. Normally visual stuff is my weakest part. :)
I squeed a little when I saw the new artwork. Great work!

I like the more mature looking Asia (same with askasiaellis)
Yay! Glad the story is expanding a bit again. It started to circle around the cast a little too much for my taste.

Whoa, I’ve commented over 100 times already? oO
BLERGH! *SPELLS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION* fists flying! forcefields being bashed! … teleport, poke

Well, that deescalated qickly.
The slow pace of Hizrims talk is starting to annoy a little, maybe make those skippable?

On the other hand, that grin of Billy’s ist just fantastic. :D
BWAHAHA, those face changes are hillarious!
This puts me in a Fate/Stay night mood. Good choice of music. ;)
Ha! Awkward situation!

But that was brilliantly cynical.
Let’s deepen the story a little with mysteries. :)