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Its a bit hard for me to classify myself... lets see, at first im a bit awkward and shy, but as I get to know people im really.... out there. Im incredibly self confident, and a bit sarcastic. I dont always think through things so I come off as a jerk, or selfish at times. But I assure you im like that because I act on instinct. I do mean well. I have a love for gore, horror, and cute things. Im lazy at times and I love sleep, drawing, skating, and myself. I have an incredible amount of pride. And when I say skating, I mean roller skating. That covers about everything.
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    Malice Usagi
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August 18th, 2013
NOOO.nooo. stahp. Pls and thnk u *flails arms*
August 18th, 2013
Nooooo. nooo. Just turn back around, please and thank you ovo