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Nillo Rekati

My hobbies are drawing, sculpting, gaming, reading manga, and attending anime conventions. (Whatever I'm doing music will always be a constant in some way.)

My general nature is [mellow and quiet]. I joined this site to share the manga I plan to create. I feel pretty useless most of the time, and drawing....just makes me feel like I'm [alive]. Otherwise I'm just auto-piloting though my less than mellow dramatic life.

I hope you enjoy the stories I'm planning to share with you all; From the bottom of my he[art] I thank you very much for reading!

Favorite Artists:
Katsura Hoshino
Suzuhito Yasuda
Kazuma Kaneko
Yusuke Kozaki

Favorite Manga:Bakuman
Favorite Anime: Eureka Seven
Favorite Videogame: Shin Megami Tensei series
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To properly portray Horahora's personality, her lines may have some "typos" in them from time to time. I held back this time, so she didn't overwhelm anyone/come off as dumb.
Kirie Fisher
I just realized this is the first time i've ever officially showed her in color!
The Playlist
Hey guys, so far the playlist goes up to chapter 4. I will continue to add songs when I get more time but for now I hope you enjoy what I've posted so far!
Ch,7 Page 16 @ names
I went back and added the names of the two girls on pg 17 so feel free to go back and look. Trying to remind you guys of the names since theres so many characters and its probably hard to memorize them all. Kind of like in Kill La Kill where every now and again the name of a character would be floating over them in kanji or theyd just restate their name over and over like Gamagoori...haha. Anyway i'll take any questions if things get hard to follow.
This art style...
I really like it, it's different. It's so good and I can tell how much fun you had drawing it, at least it looked fun to draw. Only two pages but I'm really liking this already.
@Duke: Yes,Vagues and Digitals are both from planet Heart. Also, all Digitals naturally grow black streaks/patterns in their hair.
The next update
Hey everyone, hope you've been enjoying the story. Thank you for your input and comments, it makes me happy you guys are taking the time to do so. :) Work's been keeping me busy but I'll try to update by Friday.
Gender's Spectrum
@Duke: Close, it's actually gold but when I put it next to Ander's (his is orange)it looked like they had the same spectrum color so I just decided to use a random color for her character description. Sorry if I confused you! Although people CAN have the same color spectrum, I just wanted to stress that those two do not. You'll see why when I get a bit further into the story and explain same-aura spectrum.
kade's spectrum
@Aamon: having him use abilities like that would definitely make him more sinister which is what I aim for when he gets like that. I'll try somewhat to incorporate similar powers later but for now I'd like to focus on the different classes of spectrum users. Thank you for your input!
FB page is up!
I know most mangaka on this site have set update times and days but due to my somewhat sporadic schedule I can't make promises at set dates. I CAN however alert you when Im going to/close to/ and working on updates via Fbook posts so it doesnt feel like im leaving you in the dark as to when I'll add more pages. I'll also be setting up a tumblr soon too, but for now FB will have to do.
Literally downloaded 3 diff photoshop prog.'s
Sorry if the changes are odd. Ive been playing with photoshop, also it seems my art style has changed a bit.
Panel 4
look closely at panel 4....
For those that did'nt notice
From the angle I drew it at on page 9 it may have been hard to see but his long board was on his left side on the floor, which he forgot was there so he tripped on it.
This art style rocks!