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Well I guess that's that. am a bit surprise but awe well. I have a job, I moved on, it was fun but I think video making is more of my thing.
@Blizzard: I do sometimes, even at devenart. like you latest drawing btw.
@Blizzard: I know your still waiting but I have a life now, am 18 years old and am just not cut out to this.

am sorry, just I got desecrated by other things now.
Don't be so hard on yourself, we all were busy in real life in own way. I finish school and it feels weird now that I don't go anymore. Never had a job but trying my best to look for one.
Hey I been distracted by minecraft and just become a YouTuber so I don't have a good excuse. But chat room not a bad Idea, however now it seem like 3 or 4 of us are actually making comments.

I don't know nobody doesn't seem to be active anymore.
I been gone for a little while cause my computer screen burn out so I had to find a new one at yard sales and stuff, but now am back and great job! I still need to update my character and am like half way done, but I should get back to work.
@Spar Elric: Well I still give you credit for spending some time and working and able to posting something to help keep this comic updated.
Wow that must of take some of your time, nice job really like the picture. However it's either that I can't read English too well or you must of been pretty tired that the grammar is a little off.
Somebody should upload something and not take too long.

However my question is that do we have bed rooms? Can't be the same as sonic boom cause were now in a space ship.
@NekoVira: Oh silly me, I looked for it on archive and could not find it. aww well it probability doesn't really matter unless it's really is bugs some people then we can fix it easily.
@NekoVira: Well you know we only have a ship, few halls, couple of elevator, and some rooms. their is no map so I tried to be creative of how clues they can be in new palaces.
I got bored today so I actually decided to work on this. Here is Foxpuff that is still lost with Gunder but they come across Zambian and Midnight that are heading to the same place.
Well if that's the case then I got a few ideas, so I'll make the next page to get things going again.

If I haven't done anything in the next 3 days, then go ahead and bug me about it.
@NekoVira: Lets see, earth is died, and most of the survivors are trying to head out and look for a new planet to live in.

We also don't want the story to be too predictable, so I'll try to get word from foxpuff and depending on what is the plan and see if anyone else is already making the next page. If not then I guess I will make the next page mysekf hopefully within a few day to next week just to get things back on track.
Oh! all this time and I didn't notice that it was down, how sad. I kinda like the story going gone here.
@NekoVira: LOL great video and so true, good news is that I am about to be done with school, so I can start uploading withough any work in the way.

By the way you said something to foxpuff about a script? If their a script can I have a copy so I can get to work soon.
I did my part, now I am trying to make an update sprite sheet for midnight.
@pinkeeveefan: be patient will ya, it's a shorter term of saying o.k. it's a deal or o.k. that's final.
Right now I am feeling the same as aqua in the very bottom right. Ill/nauseus.
@foxpuff: I have read your comics and I am quiet aware of your 2 characters personality. I know you were giving NekoVira a heads up, I just wanted to pointing out that you don't need to worry about me because I know and a fan.