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let's see, me, me... c:
I like drawing of course, and musiiiic *3*
I'm fine with het/GL/BL pairings, but I enjoy BL most >v>;;;
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aaay I seriously wasn't expecting such a sad ending ;A;!!!!! as the pages got closer and closer to the end I kept thinking "It's ok, there's gonna be some kinda twist!! everything will be ok!!!" but no ;A; That's alright though, it wasn't what I expected but it was a lovely, allbeit bitter, ending nonetheless TTATT <33333333 I've really enjoyed following this comic, it's been one of my favourites for a loong time, even though I never really did comment much....orz;;; All the characters in PDCU are so wonderful and captivating, I really hope the future is good to them 8A8 <333 Again, I'm so happy to have been able to follow PDCU to the end, thank you for sharing such an amazing comic!!! ;3; <333333
omg that was absolutely amazing!!! XDDD i totally laughed while watching that it was great hahaha XD and doing the chapter as an animation is a really neat idea! :D ffffff i haven't commented in so long but i love sanders and jock so much haha they're hilarious XDD and payton's expression while watching that fly away horse.......priceless lmao XDDD
I-I'm kinda surprised alot of people say "minoru" sounds girlier....i think "mitsuru" sounds girlier orz;;;
but I vote for Mitsuru, I think it's cuter and I think it's a really sweet and kind sounding name, so it suits mikuru's personality more in my opinion. ouo
omg i love this comic so far ;w;
it totally hits home with a cat boy named blackie, cuz i used to name my black calico cats blackie when i was a kid! ;w;
I had 5 generations, all of which were related, of cats named blackie :'D The first four were black calico girls, but the last one was an all black male ;w; <3 aha, i loved them so much but now i'm starting to rant orz;;; basically i can't wait to keep reading this, it looks so good~ >v<
and i love Blackie and Midnight already, they looks so cute :'D
oh wow, i love this page x'DDD
" the chair ok?" :'D;;;;
poor Jock xD;
fff, sanders is as full of expression as ever =u= <3
omg i love the Snuffy Panda.... OAO <333
s-so laaate ;A;
sorry i'm so late OTL;;;;
aha, i had to get through finals and stuff before i could finish this up, and worst of all it takes me forever to finish drawings lmao OTL;;;;
but anyway, here's my character's info .v. :
Name: Kobi
age: 15
gender: male
height: 155cm
likes: to think he's cool, trying to act cool, nice people, people who are cool *in his POV*, sweets, music, and singing *even though he sucks xD*
dislikes: cats, jerks, people he thinks are uncool, being made fun of, being told he's not cool, and spicy stuff.
info: Kobi is the brother to 2 elder and 2 younger siblings. His elder siblings often babied him and treated him like a kid, while his younger siblings looked down on him as well since they thought of him as an idiot. That caused him to constantly try to act cool so he could prove to his siblings that he was "awesome" and "mature", however his actions only proved to make him look like an even bigger idiot...still in order to show his siblings how "cool" he thinks he is, he applied for Uta Gakuen to become an idol and be super awesome.... ((.____.;)) Kobi is afraid of cats, that is one of his many major weaknesses. His "tough and cool" facade completely dissapears when faced with a cat.
oh and in case you haven't figured it out by now he's a puppy lol .v.

almost forgot, he's in class 1-B c:
uwa, lmao poor thing haha <xDD <3
so cute lmao ;v; <3333
omg these two are so cute ;v; <3333
aha, poor Rick :'D;;;;
good try, don't give up lmao <x'DD <3
and if this is spam then please, give us more :'> <3333333
uwa, he's so adorable *A* <3333
I love his hair and eye patch too~ ;//v//; <3333333
your art is spectacular *u*
I missed Mr.Boss' face!!!! ;A;
I wanna seeeee <:'c
but omg this page is so sweet e//v//e
fufufu, Sanders wants to keep Jock, how cuuute~ >//v//>
omg, Johnathan is like, so much deeper then he seemed to be at first lol ;A; <3333
a-and why did he become an actor? ;A; and omg he looks so sad in that second to last panel ;___; I love Johnathan so much ;A;
can't wait for the next page! ;w; <33333
January 10th, 2009
lmao my dad had an impala(sp?) that's horn played la cucaracha x3 it was so awesome to honk it :'D
LMAO, poor jock xDDDDD
Jock looks so cute in the second panel X3 <333
fffff ;w; <3333333333
omg Marcus and this mysterious new guy he was crushing on look so cute together! ;w; <3333333
so do the girls, but they always have :P <3333
poor Adam :'D
lol i wonder what Marcus' boyfriend looks like upclose? o3o
I'm good ;w; <333333333 just got back from japan a week ago =w=

lol yeyz thank you xDDDD

ahaha, that makes me wanna see his face even mooore~ *A*
*isn't going trick or treating* TTwTT;;;;;;
oh dang D:
I can't believe i missed Mr.boss' face DDDDDD: I wanna see it >3<
lol poor Jock, so unloved ;w;
I like you Jock! xDDD
October 26th, 2008
ahaha, I get the pun xD i lmao when i saw Mrs.Donut xDDDDDD lol i was in Japan for like a week ago, and i went to a Mr.Donut in Akihabara C: lol. It was really crowded too D:
anyways, Hester Murray is so cute I love him >w< and I really love his name! it's fun to say owo;;
Thanks, yeah it's gonna be soooo exciting @w@ I-I might go to a butler cafe lmao >w>
but yeah, i am gonna spend my money there but...if you're still holding commissions when i get back i'll commission you no matter what it takes! >:D lol XDDD
Uwaaaaaa~ *w* J-Jelly-sensei doing commisions?! OwO?!? I would definetly commission you! >v< but....I'm going to Japan on October 6th, and i'm probably not gonna have any money when i get back OTL;;;; but depending on how much it would cost, i'd definetly scrounge up some money and do some baby sitting to be able to commission you!!!! ;w; <33333333333333
i'm....5'3''... OTL;;;; *feels too tall*