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@angichan: Chamomile
@angichan: Decaf okay?
@angichan: I knowwwwwww! I'm gonna go have tea and biscuits.
AWWWWWW! They're both so lonely. I'm guessing Zoshi got in trouble for saving and befriending a human.
@angichan: I'm glad to see them again. *Go ice your hands.)
@angichan: We think it's worth it. (They both need hugs!)
@angichan: Now all we need is scones, marmalade, and lemon curd!
Awwww! Kea wants to be friends but Zoshi can't! *cries for smol Zoshi.*
@angichan: I received some lovely white tea with rose petals for Christmas.
Happy dance! It's time for tea and scones!
The plot thickens! What is threatening our stalwart heroine?

Also I got Birthday tea for my b-day. It has sprinkles.
Little Zoshi is adorable. He doesn't understand why she might be nervous.
Back story! Back story! YAAAAAAY! I hope you're ok.
Holy Carp! Finch getting his butt kicked!
Oh, the local grocery finally started carrying British delicacies. I have some lovely shortbread tea biscuits. Would you like a Jelly Baby?
Sheesh, what a Drama King. And a butt-head :P

Kick his ass, Kea!

Who wants Orange Spice tea?
@angichan: I am so happy! I'm having a bad time and this makes me feel better. Big hugs!
Yuck! Finch's crotch!

Yay! Maybe we'll finally see the back story!
Dun dun duuuuuuun!
Finch is intrigued!