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@NanamiG: Or maybe his big brother?
If only Zoshi showed Kea THIS side of himself more often.
I want to hug these sad, smol cutie pies.
Awwww! Just...awwwww! He wants to embrace her so bad.
Zoshi, you punk!
@angichan: *hands Angi some pearls to clutch* Well, it's a proper celebration.
@angichan: *whispers* It has flecks of gold in it.
@angichan: WOOOO! I also have some matcha!
This calls for fancy tea!
@angichan: Is that her dad seeming somewhat concerned for her?
@angichan: No no no, it's fine. When she wakes up near her house I thought she was thinking: "Wow, I'm home. Oh, did I just fall asleep here and dream it all?" Kind of an "Alice in Wonderland" vibe.
@angichan: Does she think it was all a dream?

@angichan: Chamomile
@angichan: Decaf okay?
@angichan: I knowwwwwww! I'm gonna go have tea and biscuits.
AWWWWWW! They're both so lonely. I'm guessing Zoshi got in trouble for saving and befriending a human.
@angichan: I'm glad to see them again. *Go ice your hands.)
@angichan: We think it's worth it. (They both need hugs!)
@angichan: Now all we need is scones, marmalade, and lemon curd!
Awwww! Kea wants to be friends but Zoshi can't! *cries for smol Zoshi.*