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The plot thickens! What is threatening our stalwart heroine?

Also I got Birthday tea for my b-day. It has sprinkles.
Little Zoshi is adorable. He doesn't understand why she might be nervous.
Back story! Back story! YAAAAAAY! I hope you're ok.
Holy Carp! Finch getting his butt kicked!
Oh, the local grocery finally started carrying British delicacies. I have some lovely shortbread tea biscuits. Would you like a Jelly Baby?
Sheesh, what a Drama King. And a butt-head :P

Kick his ass, Kea!

Who wants Orange Spice tea?
@angichan: I am so happy! I'm having a bad time and this makes me feel better. Big hugs!
Yuck! Finch's crotch!

Yay! Maybe we'll finally see the back story!
Dun dun duuuuuuun!
Finch is intrigued!
Boot him in the head, Zoshi!
@azigay1: I hope we find out soon!
@angichan: Oh, yes ;) Also, who's untying Kea?
If you like podcasts, I like Wolf 359 and Our Fair City.
Is anyone else hearing "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" theme in their heads? Just me?
Poor Kea has been strong for far too long. It's so draining.
Poor poor Kea! I'm glad your Patreon is going well.
@angichan: Is that why Zoshi's brother sent him? Because Finch and Zoshi have a similar mindset?