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Stay tuned. :)
No good can come from this.
She took lessons from Paddington. :)
Glad to see an update!
@skyangel: Heartfelt, every one. :)
Drop a comment and let us know how we're doing. :)
Swimming lessons anyone?

I'm still looking for writers and artists to help out with an anthology series set in the same universe. Send me a message if you're interested.
What kind of meds is Janey on? (And where can I get some?) :) This will not end well. :(
I am starting an anthology series called "Tales of the Broken Promise". A series of short stories by guest writers and guest artists set in the universe of the main series.

If you are interested in writing, providing art or helping in any way, please send me a message.

September 25th, 2014
Great artwork. And love the bunny!
A question, eh? I can't wait for that!
Tales of the Broken Promise
Calling all fans of Voyage of the Broken Promise:
Issue 6 was a big milestone for me. It was the goal I had set myself to complete all the renders needed before I started posting pages for public consumption. I also set issue 6 as the point to test the waters as far as interest in the book, and I have to say I’ve found a very supportive audience interested in this bold band of scallywags of space. However, that wasn’t all I had in mind. With that in mind, I have some good news and some bad news.
First, the bad news. My plan also included working on future renders as I posted issues 1 through 6. Unfortunately, life, plumbing, job and some health issues prevented me from doing that. It was difficult enough just getting pages lettered and posted let alone getting on with issues 7+. What this all amounts to is that production of future pages will be slower than posting has been in the past.
So, on with the good news. I have sketched out a number of short stories that I had intended to do at one time or another, with the able assistance of the fans of VotBP. In short, I am opening up the universe of the Broken Promise to other artists and writers to create fantastic stories set against the backdrop of this swashbuckling setting.
If you’re interested in either working on one of the short stories I’ve sketched out or creating your own stories and characters, I invite you to send me a note or e-mail and tell me what you would like to do. You might even want to link me to a sample of your work.
Just a quick note. Although VotBP is an adult oriented book with erotic content, your material is not required to have these elements. Like the parent book, what I want to see is a good story with interesting characters.
Thanks again to all of you who have supported Voyage of the Broken Promise, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Stay tuned for some news of import.