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Uh oh...I don't like how the father is portraying himself here....
Circe and Pandora's relationship is so cute! I had to stop myself from saying at the end "until the Fire Nation attacked..."
Gee, I wonder how Hades and Persephone's relationship is going to develop...
Poor kid, better to know your enemies now than when it's too late.
UM....what is that big shadow behind Hephaestus?! HEPHY, TURN AROUND.
Athena and Artemis? Oh no....we're getting to THAT part of the story, aren't we?
Persephone baby, please stay precious. The world needs more sweet people like you!
@Skulljack17: Perfect. Sir (or madam) you get an A+ in Diplomatic Payback.
@Hyper Shadow: Artistic choice. ;)
Does...does he mean Thetis? Because he mentioned that he doesn't consider Hera his mother.
That's so sad :(
Aw, it looks like they got closer! I ship this bromance.
@qazox: *hands you a sock filled with soap
Try this instead.
Thank god there's one person who's not an outright b*tch....
Also, apparently Asche just likes riling people up. Not a good thing in terms of politics =_=
Incest as a common trope......I sense foreshadowing >:)
I just realized...even the BELLHOP has hearts!
Pifo must have given him lessons....or at least some artistic initiative! XD
I really hope that the taller sister is actually disapproving of her sister's behaviour and not Chris' status.

Poor Chris :(
Awwwwww, This makes me miss those two so much! And somebody has a crush <3
1 or 2! Ughh So hard to choose...
Also, Circe's looking fabulous!
The best plot twist in the world!!! I want that to happen :D