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I have used Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Manga Studio Debut 4, PaintTool Sai, and Maya. Most of my artwork here are either made on Photoshop or created traditionally.
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Read Ch4
Read Chapter 4 here:
For them to even fall for one another- he had to open his eyes and she had to walk forward and talk to him or there would be unrequited love. So my short comic story is finished. I'm thinking about making more pages... I mean I've walked through many doors in love and most of them weren't pleasant... so.... maybe. But! That won't be for AWHILE.... I have too many projects.... @.@ Check out my other works at Toodles!
... One more page.... :)
So this page took waaaaay longer than I anticipated (around 6ish hours). Too many details.... At least it is finished! I have two pages left to post and one to finish... Thank the heavens that my last page to finish is only characters and words. :) The last two pages should be out no later than Wednesday morning. Also... my male character in this story has no relation to Dragon's Lament. For some reason this is how I saw my princely character in this story... @.@ Toodles.
Well... I have all of the pages drawn if that's any consolation (they've been drawn for more than a month, but with life happening.... and moving... I'm just now getting back into things- now that my space is all organized). Next one will be out soon probably Thursday.... maybe. If not, it will be out this weekend. See ya!
So I'm working on this comic all day (It's Labor Day!). I am aiming to be finished by this next weekend. I'll be 28 this week, so... It's time to get some progress done!!! I feel so old.... >.>
So the drawing part is on Hiatus until I can figure out how I want to continue the comic. I am going to post the chapters as I finish them in writing. I know this is not ideal, but I would like to finish this story eventually. I am meditating on the best method, but until then- I am leaving this as it is.
Read Chapter 3 Here:
The place of failed relationships. I've had this scene poking at me for sometime. I'm glad for it to be out of my system. *breathes deeply*
Only rated Mature for showing of partial nudity and butts. This was an idea I had for a short comic about 2-ish years ago. I was diligently working on other projects. It only has about 10 pages. It should be finished shortly. I had this idea in my head before I fell for an idiotic guy- which is why I hadn’t touched this project. Now, I’ve been getting over him and I think this could help a lot. I used to write a lot of fanfiction which was always a good coping mechanism. I love happy endings, but this one is going to be open ended with a cute image at the end- no Shakespeare endings.
Welcome to Mysterious Box! This was a school project years ago. It is about the Cold War- with a twist. My message is one of peace. Sometimes you have to look through the eyes of the innocent to find peace. Thanks for reading!
I want to finish this comic, so I am trying a new format. Part I has 10 chapters, Part II has 20 chapters, and Part III has 10 chapters. I want this to be free to read, so it's not the one I intend to publish traditionally. I have an illustrated novella I am trying to get published, but with this- I want to stretch the boundaries of my creative and of the story. I will go back on color the drawings- eventually. I'm just trying to move this project forward. We will see where this goes...
I sent my book out to its first publisher, so it's back to work on this comic. I have this comic scheduled to post the next two pages on next Saturday and the Saturday afterward. I should also be able to do page 2 over the next three weeks. I will attempt this schedule- we shall see. :)
@StrengthHonorLove: There should be an update by the end of the year. I am almost finished with my illustrated novel.
@Shishi Beru: You keep getting better and better. Awesome cover!
Sooo... Dragon's Lament is on break as I am focusing my efforts on finishing my illustrated novel. The next page will be out like late July or August. Just watch my Twitter or Tumblr for updates. Toodles.
Last page of Chapter 2 will be out on the 7th of June! Woot!
Next one will be out next Tuesday. Toodles. :)
Next one will be out Tuesday. :)
Update! Woot!
Only a few more pages left of this chapter. Soooo much fun.... I will do my best to have the next one out next Tuesday. Toodles.