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Lets see. I love heavy metal/punk/grunge music. I'm a 80's child, how can I not love the hair bands? XD

I started watching anime ummm when I was 9-ish. I started drawing when I was 11 o.o my old drawings look so horrible.

Drawing to me is purely a hobby, I don't plan to do it for a job. >.> Actually I'm going to be a nurse :3

But I love to draw and try new poses. -thumbs up-

As far as what I like to read?

Well pretty much anything, I'm a sucker for romances. And Recently I discovered I actually enjoy boylove comics... which is something I actually avoided in the past. Damn you loveless! -shakes fist- Anyway I have a fetish for neck ties, extra belts that don't do anything useful, and penguins. :3

Anything else you want to know about me, ask ^_^
love this so far
Love absolute love :3 Also do you make your own tones? If so do you have a tutorial? :O if not could you make one? -puppy eyes-
hot boys!
Who doesn't like hot boys, jealousy I forsee 'CAT FIGHTS' Anyway -thumbs up-
Yay first comment
So I've been reading your work on and off for like four years >_> or three or somehting. ... dunno o.o ANYWAY I love it and the style of the comic and don't worry buildings SUCK.
Absolutely beautiful
I love the art work as well as the story it's very touching
June 19th, 2012
love it
I love the art work and character designs :3 it's had me laughing for a while now (the story that is)
I just reread the whole comic and yay it's almost 2 am XD anyway as always I love the characters and storyline. :3
and poor Riki! D: but yea I like your art work... I shall be your first fan :D
what a place to stop D: Me want more :D anyway love this. Have loved it since I started reading it like two years ago? :D
First comment virginity! XD Anyway if i didn't say it before I love your style and the characters are so cute. XD
I concur with the other two. I love your character designs. Can't wait for more.
Absolute love
I just read the whole comic. I love it. Completely without failure. +fav
April 28th, 2011
I couldn't stop giggling on this page. :D Anyway very cute comic thus far. I love the art style and characters, and I have a galen plushie? D:
I love this story thus far. the plot has some actual depth which is always good. I sent you a message on DA as well. Also I have to know....

Will there be a love triangle between cat jimmy and Chris? :O
I remember
I remember reading this a couple years back. I hope to see more updates soon :3
Absolute love!
I love this comic it's beautiful :D anyway +fav can't wait for more.
For right now
This comic is dead, I doubt anyone even pays attention to it anymore. But on the off chance that someone does here's the news. Double sides was started years ago by me and a friend of mine. I may pick it up sometime in the future but for right now it holds no appeal. You may see Jess and Elli in the comic I'm promoting here though. >_> Anyway please look below for the link.

Much Love,
I love it
I love your style character design story so far and fight scenes... I'm jealous. anyway +fav can't wait for more.
Your art style is very cute. >_> I wish I had a cute style XD
Anyway I love your comic and I was at otakon this year too! My table was in the N row though so idon't know if got over as far as E >_>
and thanks for your answer to my question. -if- you ever make a tutorial I'm first in line XD