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September 30th, 2014
Ryuuta bby ; v ; <33 ive missed him so much omg cries

I think Ryuuta has this instinct/6th sense kind of thing that he just knows something is up, let's hope he can cheer Aki up (or at least get him to tell what's wrong).
On that note I'm kind of wondering how he'll tell Kaidou? I don't think Aki would tell him over the phone because Kaidou would worry and become unfocused on what he's supposed to be doing. Hmm ://
September 25th, 2014
I really doubt Aki is really so happy and smiling on the inside ; A ; //pats Aki
Don't apologize ! I doubt many of us mind aha!
September 21st, 2014
I'd completely forgotten they wouldn't be able to keep in touch after Aki got fired- Well now they at least get to keep contact >:3
The Aki chibi is ridiculously adorable omg ; A ; all your chibis are so cute it should be illegal
September 17th, 2014
Seems like Aki needed that ; A ; I can understand Hisawa though, I wouldn't survive watching a friend cry ; m ;
Hugs for everyone!

Take your time Crimson! You've been updating daily for three years, I think we can survive every other day updates :3c And those who cant.. Well aha too bad for them I suppose. If you care about a comic more than someones life then I wouldn't think they're deserving of your amazing work!

Also good job with buying yaoi! I'm too shy to buy ; A ;
That Hiro chibi is so cute omg <3
Yes Hiro, confess confess confess! I wouldn't think anything could go wrong from now on, since Taisuke seems to be aware of his feelings too.
I'm both hoping that Taisuke is awake, and that he's not. It'd be embarrassingly awkward for both of them if he was-

At least Hiro got to say it face-to-face (more or less).
I just hope they'll be reasonable with the director u o u) ;; I doubt they will though, with what I've seen of them so far.

Let's hope the director won't fall into their ways of jumping to conclusions-
I wont blame them for worrying about the scar! Though Aki did talk it through when getting the job; if he covered it while with the kids, it was no problem!
Though it's still a legitimate concern for those who don't know that (nor the reason that it's actually there)!
Fun story: I actually thought she was someone Kaidou was gonna see at the meeting and she was gonna accuse him of being in a relationship with Ryuuta :-0

The thing is that straight couples are usually tolerated when they make out in public, but the second a gay couple hug it's suddenly disgusting.. :--(
..I really hope the other mothers wont react the same way.. could end with Aki losing his job if they receive complaints about him.
im crying ur coloring is perfect A+++
If I were Aki, I'd be shaken too. Poor him ; A ;
It doesn't seem like Aki dislikes Kaidou taking his time though :'^)
we chose a name really well if i say so myself
(but isnt tama a really popular cat name in japan?)

and ryuuta is loud as always :'--0 but thats why i love him
'if hes going to be stupid i reserve the right to be mean' new favorite qoute from ryuuta
in the language of flowers, the anemone's meaning is 'i think of you day and night' >:--D
kaidou actually has quite the long hair :oo i never noticed that!
a+++++ boyfriend right there

they both look so happy and cute omg
lmao i was born in 2000 so im awesome and a dragon too,,, ,, ,

ur all so old wtf