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I freak when I saw you updated!! Woo! (But yea, seriously, take all the time you need. πŸ’•)
August 20th, 2018
Loving the facial hair. ☺️
January 17th, 2018
Uh oh.. now you done did it.

(Also, no need to worry about the quality. I think the page is gorgeous, just as it always is. :D)
haha cuuuuute.
This page is so beautiful. <3
that piece he is working on is stunning!
November 10th, 2017
Holy cheezits he's GORGEOUS! Can't get over that.
So much for waiting until their guest went to bed. :P Heheh.

(On another note β€” what a cute booty!)
October 5th, 2017
Oooh this is gorgeous!
September 20th, 2017
@NightBronze: the wings look incredible and he is so beautiful!
omg. these comic is beautiful, and this page is gorgeous! thank you for existing and creating this glorious masterpiece. :)
I lost it with "baby." Gah! I love these two!
omg yes!!! (That last panel is stunning!)

(also, this may sound odd, but i love them gorgeous eyelashes)
August 20th, 2017
that 3rd last panel tho.. soo sweet
That last panel though. WOW!
I know I'm going to like where this is going. I can feel it. :P
August 12th, 2017
omg... *sticks head in fridge*
I really love how their "hair" is designed. Looks amazing. :)
Your art is so gorgeous. :)