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The scoundrels!
Omg. This page!!

(You're not wrong, Bailey. It does!)
This page is so beautiful. <3
Joa looks absolutely in awe of his beautiful boyfraaannnd.

Same, Joa. Same.
@castellacake: I totally agree. Same here. I'm pretty sure I'm pansexual xD, but bottom line, "I like who I like."
A gift for us all.

The fact that he grabbed the whole bottle of wine made me laugh.

I agree with, Joa. You'll look great in it.
Woahh yess! :P

(Remember, there are people around, guys. Heheh. Also, that is a rather skimpy outfit Gannet has on, so perhaps this isnt the best place to be sporting a raging hard-on. lol. Unless he's into that kinda thing.)

Lovin' that 3rd panel, btw. The smooch to the back of his neck is adorable.
Omg, is that Altinuri/Otayuri/Yurabek I see??

That last panel - Wow! I bet if you start grinding on him that you're gunna awaken *ahem* something. :P

(I did spot the other cameos too, and I squealed. I love both of those comics. :D)
Looks like they're both kinda' sweet on him. Either way, they're all adorable. :D Love the art in this comic.
I freakin' love the Stucky couple costume!!!
This is gorgeous!
He's too good for this world. What a wonderful bf. (Love that last panel, btw. :D)
I freakin' love it when he calls Dylan "luv."

* ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" starts playing*

Lookin' damn good!!

Omg, wait ..just wait until he sees you. OMG!
Awwwe. :D

(Dat booty tho!)
Way to give it to him, Val. ;)
GAHHH!!! I love this page.

(He's right, though, hun. Super cute! :3)
@Dee2017: Same. I wish I wasn't broke af.