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That first panel though... Aww my heart hurts.
I know all about how it is when you can't see the person you love for a big length of time. :'(
These poor dears. <3
Awe, so sad. :(
Oh my poor heart.. that "honey" really got to me. :')
@TheDraftDuchess: Thank you. :D Learning Japanese, Mandarin and Korean atm. Difficult, but fun. :)
かわいいです!lol. Sorry, I just finished studying Japanese and I had my Japanese keyboard on still so I thought I’d try it in Japanese. Lol. What I fully wanted to say though is, “This page is soo cute!!”
@MerchantOfMenace: I laughed way too hard at this comment. xD
That first panel tho... Beautiful! :)
They're so precious. ☺️
Awww, that third panel is gorgeous.

Also, I'm worried how he(Joa)'s going to take this. :S
haha awww adorable. <3 :)
Awwwwe. So cute. 💕
This page is absolutely adorable. :')
Awww. :')
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!!
January 17th, 2018
Uh oh.. now you done did it.

(Also, no need to worry about the quality. I think the page is gorgeous, just as it always is. :D)
haha cuuuuute.
Oh no oh no. O__o
This page is so beautiful. <3
that piece he is working on is stunning!