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I am insane. And a Christian. That's about all I want you to know...
O, P.S. I'm cool.
What? No, seriously, I am.
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Dude... Joey... Noooooo.
MERRY BIRFDAY PIGGAH!! Btw, I love Mathew.
Mathew Mathew Mathew~
Love the nom nom. And the Mathew.
Mathew~ <3
I love Mathews "WTF" look.
Why thank you Butcher. XD
Oh. So Val-Pal inherited his murder from Daddy and his blood-sucking from Mommy... so he could be a lawyer by all rights.
*still on previous page high* Mathew~
XD ~Mathew~
Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers~
You know what... The fact that Val-Pal seems as though he shouldn't kill but can is, like... AWESOME!!
Zebs boss is either Kole or Joey.
Mafew is soo cute!! And their hair is like ice cream. X3
Val-Pal is taller than his Daddy. Muwahaha. That's hilarious.
*screams* THAT IS ALMOST TOTALLY STAR WARS!!! Okay, no it isn't, but OMFG!!!Ahhhhhh!! Awesome!!
K'mlar and K'or should be together.
Well... I'll try to comment more... but they may not make sense. I just spew whatever comes off the top of my head.
Like right now: Mathew! X3 I luv him!
That was kinda random all things considered.