L Schlissel freelance illustrator and comic artist
someone have the fire extinguisher handy? I think we're gonna need it
@Skylern: Thank you, glad you're enjoying it! I've never seen the x-files, most of my inspiration comes from mushishi
@melaredblu: wouldn't want it to be as easy as pulling out a botfly now would we? ~cackles~
check yourself before you wreck yourself
Yay start of chapter 2
@melaredblu: this comic is not canon and no doujinshis were harmed in the making of this comic (but Kala is definitely a secret weeb)
extra comic over, regular updates will resume next week
dat chin
Misuse her magic? Naaaah. Was gonna comment does cupcake even have a nose but you beat me to it
I giggled like an idiot making this comic
What is this abomination? An extra trash comic I made
May 28th, 2017
get in the robot shinji
Woohoo end of chapter 1
aaah they are so adorable
Necromancy! Now that's a fun hobby, just dabbling with the dead is all
I spy Rin and Souske ;>
swiper no swiping
@melaredblu: we're detecting high levels of noxious smug
dick grayson haha