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L Schlissel freelance illustrator and comic artist
get back to scrubbing toilets
How will he react to this? Probably not well
yea man, at least kill someone on a monday. Nobody wants to deal with mondays anyway
you wouldn't punch a person with glasses but I don't see a person so punch the glasses
if you want cupcake gone just eat it, quite simple... what do you mean it's not that kind of cupcake?
September 1st, 2018
@Skylern: you can find the completed series on tapas! :O
is there an english translation for this page? >:
woah are the moon and stars supposed to be so pixelated? funky
look on the bright side June, you don't have to worry about school or living anymore! Could be worse
nah, just a talking and floating pair of glasses
they're fine, pretty sure they're ok
now June goes to the underworld and beats up Hades until he lets her go back to the mortal plane
talk about a close shave
June not doing something rash? ha