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L Schlissel freelance illustrator and comic artist
I'm so excited to see
is there an english translation for this page? >:
don't mess with the rabbit
woah are the moon and stars supposed to be so pixelated? funky
look on the bright side June, you don't have to worry about school or living anymore! Could be worse
nah, just a talking and floating pair of glasses
they're fine, pretty sure they're ok
now June goes to the underworld and beats up Hades until he lets her go back to the mortal plane
talk about a close shave
June not doing something rash? ha
quit complaining about your teeth when he has a fork in his head
someone needs to take a chill pill
@ladypcp: yay see you saturday then, I might be in cosplay. No I'm not going to the afterparty
@ladypcp: are you going saturday or sunday? I'm only going on saturday
@ladypcp: I don't have twitter but I'll make sure to check, thanks for the compliment. I really like your comic, I can't wait for more!!!
I'll look for you at flamecon!!! :O
I like this page
@melaredblu: all the doujinshis (she's actually just happy to get complimented)