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L Schlissel freelance illustrator and comic artist
now June goes to the underworld and beats up Hades until he lets her go back to the mortal plane
talk about a close shave
June not doing something rash? ha
quit complaining about your teeth when he has a fork in his head
someone needs to take a chill pill
@ladypcp: yay see you saturday then, I might be in cosplay. No I'm not going to the afterparty
@ladypcp: are you going saturday or sunday? I'm only going on saturday
@ladypcp: I don't have twitter but I'll make sure to check, thanks for the compliment. I really like your comic, I can't wait for more!!!
I'll look for you at flamecon!!! :O
I like this page
@melaredblu: all the doujinshis (she's actually just happy to get complimented)
@melaredblu: lots and lots of pain pills, pop them like sweets
July 26th, 2017
Darn it Kala, why did you have to ask? Now I have to try and explain all this bs.
can't a guy jerk off in peace?
they're both so cute, bless this comic
someone have the fire extinguisher handy? I think we're gonna need it
@Skylern: Thank you, glad you're enjoying it! I've never seen the x-files, most of my inspiration comes from mushishi
@melaredblu: wouldn't want it to be as easy as pulling out a botfly now would we? ~cackles~
check yourself before you wreck yourself
Yay start of chapter 2