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Whee. I'm weird :3
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I was wondering, is there any chance you'll sell digital copies of the books? I keep wondering to myself why I haven't purchased the hard copies, then I see the shipping cost and remember x,D
What a brave soul to draw mittens @_@
I started to get so confused with that third to last panel because I stopped being able to read it, then realized what was happening x,D
You should post a link to the Patreon o3o
July 15th, 2018
Might I recommend adding a "Add to Favorites" button to your layout? Just binge-read the whole thing and went to add it to my favorites and couldn't find one >3>
May 25th, 2017
Something interesting I just realized... that black dog that Kargo's actively stabbing in the 5th panel is his father.
This hits me in the awkward feels. I had this wicked crush on a coworker I thought was the same age as me, maybe a bit older, and found out one day he was about to have his 18th birthday, and here I was being a creeper 25-year-old with the WORST judge of age apparently T_T
is that meant to say a 'foreign spy' ?
January 17th, 2016
The true mystery: Who lit those fires....
November 24th, 2015
Still keeping up the hope that this might continue one day <3
.....three DLCs e_e

*drifts off to the Origin store in gleeeee*
I'm curious if you're planning on bundling books when you've got the entire thing printed, so we could get the whole thing at once to cut back on shipping costs. I'd love that =O
I just referred to my Harts as my "Terrifying little Hell-Beasts" because I thought they just sounded really demonic. I liked to imagine my enemies fleeing in terror from their ridiculous screeching as I rode into battle.

(then I might have cheated on them with nuggalopes because nuggalopes are hilarious)
I can't actually find your comic there, unless I'm being completely blind @_@ I feel like I keep seeing comics show up on that top bar of three images that aren't listed in the big mash-up of images down below. I don't suppose the site has a list of comics on it somewhere?
Is there no chapter 1 on SJ? Every time I try to hit the "First Page" button it just links back to this page, and there doesn't seem to be a chapter 1 in the archive.
The Hissing Wastes.......


Man I hated that zone. I went there with the "Hunt the big bad critter!" quest thing and went straight for it and holy shit. I just. So much running. I normally never use mounts in zones when I first explore them, preferring to go on foot so I can explore all the crannies and hear party banter, but I had to make an exception for that place.

The suckiest zone in existence...

Edit: Also ohman have you guys seen the concept art for all the characters? Solas has some wicked hair in them *_*
January 9th, 2015
Ahh I just got my books today in the mail. The package totally stumped me (with where it shipped from) and I couldn't figure out what it was til I opened it. Totally make my day and had me smiling though! I'd say more about it but don't want to spoil things for online-only people ahh.
December 7th, 2014
Ahhh I feel so dumb T_T

I meant to preorder and told myself "I'll do it tomorrow" then lost use of my main pc for a week and just completely forgot. Ahhhhhh
I admit I went straight for male elf ranger. I wanted to romance Iron Bull but might have sort of accidentally flirted my way into a relationship with Dorian, oops.

I half want to make a female qunari/kossith next, but I also really really want to romance Cullen, so I am horribly conflicted @_@
August 27th, 2014
Does this comic not update here anymore?