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I'm just a tired nobody who likes reading Romantic-Gore comics until the sun rises. Y A W N
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Tyler is the absolute cutest <3
November 29th, 2014
Ohhhh man someone beat me to it <3
oh come /on/ baby you're 16! Be a big boy and fight that mermonster!
he finally asked for that pass

such a good boy
Awwww yeah
@Crimson Chains: I would too! I really hope Kaidou's papa meets Aki one day owo, it'd be real nice to see aki work to earn Kaidou's hand in marriage one day ;)
Seems like you're being followed love
He has the perfect face on like "Holy shit don't fuck up god why is he so cute HN NN"
@Schizo-and-Phrenic: I guess you can call him a "DEAD END" /shot/
you can't let them faint Joa you dumbarse
@Cassanthia: omg thanks *highfives back but misses*
Hey you gotta ask for a pass
before you tap that ass yo
@Crimson Chains: I think Kaidou realizes he needs more to give to Aki, much more than he realizes :0
my score was 3542~
@Crimson Chains: AWWWW yiss
ohhhhhhh hun perfect stopping point!