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Many things to say....but none can't come out...just yet..
For now..
>Likes: , sight-seeing, listening to music, watching horror movies, anime...manga...more etc.
>Dislike: computer... >Hobbies: draw manga/tradtional/Digital art
>My Quote: "Day to Love...Night to Kill...
Filter page of Rory and Nathan relaxing in the pool cooling off..
@Kikaharu: fixed it! ^^ thanks for telling me. :D
Rory Chomp
Rory's super effective chomp!
lineart page
Lineart page update!

Vocab* Hyung means = "older brother" in Korean, however, only males or very "tomboy" girls can called them.
Filter page-Rory the snake lover :)
new page
rory debut
and introducing the super pissed Rory! *runs away*
<3 <3 <3
@Rey: THANK U REY! I'm glad you like it :)
bum bum bum bum mr. sandman ~ Bring me a dream Bum BUm Bum Bum...getting sick is killing me now @.@ Bully pwnage #2 *smash in the face ha! jk
oh dear....I need some time to check with script ...=_= I did it in a bit of rush ..but anyways page 7 has been update! move one to the next one..
Filter Kiss
I'm playing around way too much.. =_= awe Aidan is giving him a kiss... Chu~
lame april fools
First i would like to thank u guys to be patient for Dire Je t'aime. While I'm drawing two pages for update here a quick filter comic of Nathan and Aidan moment...A very lame april fool idea.. may be first week of april but where I'm currently living.. its still cold >.<

*note you can't see it you have to zoom in the page or comment me if you still can't see the image

or here a link for bigger view:
filler update
doodle sketches of dai's characters....
filler not update
Sorry its a filler..dun have my laptop until two days more. Did so some cute moment for je taime character; Grey and Aidan. A balloon moments..
here comes the bully!
page update! I grew up where people called sur/last names instead of calling out first names, depending not close the person is.. i think ..=_=;
simple update
yes yes a blank black page ..update but dun worry i'm updating another page today, so just wait till then ;)
.........I dunno wanna draw anymore building!! *_* though would my mind say.. i started focus on the school more than i do on the second panel ..pfft... dun ask about the names => it's random..

ok enjoy!
update 2
update update pg two @ the same time learning how to use pen tool on PS ^^;
Filter Page
Filter Page of Rory.

Relaxing on a nice sunny day, What is she possibly thinking?

Enjoy and Comment!