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[Inserts witty information here] ;D
I lol'd pretty hard at this page. Assistant's crazy face in panel four.. <33
uh um sorry for delay
yeah yeah, I posted feb 1st, but I shall be a whole month late now, since I've been changing the style over and over, not happy with Pumpkin's face, might change his hairdo and eyes. Anyway, it shall all be coming back soon, no worries. :)
i want hair like everywhere kid. =0
Holy crap this is awesome. <33

Song is art. =D So cute
February 23rd, 2010
I should join....I feel old but that's alright. X3

Your comic is EPIC and pretty. <33
That was the same reason I hated clowns... >.>;
Omg. Why is this page so's killing me. XD

That song is awesome. <3
June 19th, 2009
the last panel is adorable. XD
I love these panels. They get a double mac. <3
It's too easy for you to create awesome characters. Give me your powers! =O Aliz commandz it! But seriously, why are they so beautiful? <3 I envy Nozmo. u_u
Thanks Suki and Nashira! <3 I'm glad you could join Nashira. I look forward to your artz! <3
She looks like she's upset but hiding it with a smile or something XD Cute.
This is Cookie and Candii, they're twin brother and sister.
Ages: 15
Likes: Singing, music and playing in their own band called D-lights.
Dislikes: Posers, raindays, nagging parents, and anyone who dislikes their music.

Cookie is bubbly and egocentric. She likes to show-boat and sing in the shower.
Candii is shy, likes to play his guitar when nobody's around, he writes all the songs for D-lights.
She's adorable! <3 I like her shirt. X3
So Cute! >3<"" I gotta figure out cute characters. <3 That's amazing you can draw that good on a tablet =D
She's Cute. ^^ I like her eye color. <3
kewl. It reminds me of a skateboard for some reason...
August 12th, 2007
awww...poor poison flowers *weeps*
Nothing better than a sims comic! ^^ <3