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Now we wait.
As I was going back to today's comics, I found this and I don't even remember seeing the Mumbo part "That's My Mumbo!" XD I laughed so hard!
That was supposed to be the sound of a grand father clock right? Time is ticking! Paddle Faster!
@Dark_Yamatoman: You use actual paper? See, because I recently drew out a comic for this site too, and used a paper and pencil, but I thought you used something that makes everything look more neat or something? Huh .-. But one more thing? How do you upload these? Like, I know how to upload them, but do you take a picture of the whole page? Like how do you make it look like it wasn't taken a picture of......?
May I ask...
What do you use to draw your comics?
I swear to God...
I love your sense of humor XD
That might not happen |=3
@Dubindore: Considering how Yamaota is just re-making this comic basically, I don't know why... I'm pretty sure the original never had a make out scene XD
What does "Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu" mean? I might be an idiot for asking :3
That's.... Pretty hilarious haha XD