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karana miyuki
6ft tall, too skinny, def top,
in jazz band, i play the bari sax though, still teaching myself how to draw, �neko�, better at writing than drawing, great memory, i also play alto sax in �MARCHING BAND�
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    grant blair
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Ooohhh spicy! I'm so happy grass nest is back :')
karana miyuki
September 25th, 2013
*cries* simply beautiful I am so jealous
Ooo this is moving along quickly
@Shoji-Moon: lollllllllllllllllllllllllll XD *then actually hides* m^(@///_///@)^m
Lol what is the pocky game? ^('?')^
fangurl )-(condesce style)-(
simply fangurls over the group hug m^(^v^)^m
It's true even masculine gay boys don't normally care about their feminine gay boy lovers emotions ^(<_<)^
*might have experienced this five times*
This looks like it will be complicated AND interesting ^(@3@)^
Lol Mikal cleaned his OWN sperm off Sancha's face and out of his mouth
>:] secret revenge
to monopolize! ^(>U<)^
>:T nice
way to go aki you idiot i dont think anyone else could misread something this bad ^(V_V)^
I will!!! m^(♥v♥)^m
@Crimson Chains: i will!!! i love how this is the seventh webcomic ive read and favourited<-pretend thats a word^(>v<)^
omfg 7 is my favorite number and like omfucking-g this is looking good for there relationship ^(♥v♥)^
yjay would be my exact reaction in that situation ^(UvU)^
@pervert-chan: still you put your thoughts out and opened yourself to judgement so i have to admire your bravery m^(@.@)^ also thanks for marking the pages its useful for when you need specific ones m^(^u^)^M